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Save the World. Premiere of the Song by AVRAAM RUSSO.

March 30, 2021

Save the World is a song performed by a famous singer Avraam Russo; the song was heard by the whole planet during a world conference “Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of.” The song carried a message of incredible virtue and called for unity of all people. It was not just words - it was filled with an incredible feeling of love for each person and for humanity as a whole


This conference was a historic event as for the first time, thanks to modern technology, people from all over the world came together.
It was broadcasted on thousands of online platforms around the world, TV channels, and all social networks. The conference was simultaneously translated into 45 languages. People of different nationalities, religious affiliations, living in different corners of our planet came together and brought to light the Truth that Prophets have brought to Earth throughout time. Participants openly declared their intention to build a society worthy of a Human - a Creative Society.

Huge thanks to Avraam Russo for an incredible song, which carries the desire of all mankind for peace, love, and unity.

Save the World

Too many lives lost,

Too many hearts fall down,

With no place to run.

We can’t turn away,

Like it’s ok now.

There’s too much to be done.

It’s time to reach out

To the broken.

We need to let them know

They are not alone and

Be the difference that they can see

All it takes is just one deed.


Let’s be the hands that hold them

And the hope that heals the hurting!

Let’s wrap our arms around them

And show the love that they’ve been

searching for!

There’s so much we can do

When our hearts come shining through.

Let’s be the change that it takes to save the world!


So many children

Without a place called home.

Who’s gonna take them in?

And the hungry

On a broken road

Facing the night again.

We can’t ignore them

When we can all see 

That the hope they need is up to you and me?

Give them a reason to believe.

All it takes is just one deed


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