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The release of the video “An Appeal to the Armenian people”

July 30, 2020

On July 30th, on the “Creative Society. AllatraUnites” channel, a video message to the Armenian people was posted. This video is a very important precedent in modern society. After all, it concerns each of us. It openly and honestly voiced the truth that the consumer format of society has led all of humanity to a standstill.

But most importantly, today we, the people, can choose another way, a creative format for the evolution of civilization based on creative principles. And this format of relations is not new, it is something that is near and dear to everyone.

An Appeal to the Armenian people

An Appeal by Garnik Sargisean, Prime Minister of Western Armenia

Greetings to you, all the Armenians of planet Earth! Welcoming all Armenians, I appeal especially to the Western Armenians, who have been scattered to all corners of our native planet by the will of fate. My dear compatriots! Today we find ourselves in a situation where the whole of humanity is on the verge of an abyss, and the question "to be or not to be" already concerns each and every one. And we - as an integral part of it - have found ourselves in the same fateful situation. But today I don't want to talk negatively. There are both negative and positive options for choice in every moment and every segment of the path of a person, of a nation, and of all humanity. We need to know what awaits us in the future. And together we must realize and believe that the future depends on our choice every minute.

The first global choice of our civilization

For 12,000 years, the Armenian people have been making their fateful choice every time, and it is exactly that choice which defines our existence. This process continues from the beginning of civilization, when our forefather Hayk made his first choice; and in those days when we had the opportunity to make free choice, we were saving not only ourselves as a people, but our choice also had a positive impact on the situation in the whole world. What we are talking about now is not an abstraction at all, but pure reality based on historical facts. Thus Hayk, the forefather, has chosen the creative format for the development of civilization, based on creative principles and laws.

I want to convey to you the good news that right now, in 2020, these creative foundations are spreading all over the world, and tens of millions of people are not only accepting, but due to being deeply aware that the implementation of the latter is the only way out of the existing situation, are actively spreading this knowledge.. Among those people, there are not only Armenians, but also representatives of almost all peoples of our planet. I would like to assure you that the ideas of building the Creative Society, its fundamental bases and principles are not only not alien to our worldview, existence and historical memory, but are also the original essence of the social relations chosen by our forefather Hayk. 

The result of this choice was a society of free people united by love and respect for each other, kindness, mutual assistance, honesty and sincerity of relations, where each person was a support, defender and assistant of another, where no one lived at the expense of the other, where there was no envy and anger , where a person cared about society, and society cared about him, where honest work and caring for others were the norm of behavior. Of course, my friends will reveal the broader essence of the Creative Society. Since the time of Hayk, there have been people who adhered to a completely different ideology: the ideology of destruction, principles that contradict the original essence of man, the so-called Bels - destructors. And the confrontation of Bel with Hayk, presented to us as a legend, is a reality. This is the cosmic opposition of what is commonly called “good and evil”, the opposition of the creator and the consumer, the builder and the destroyer.

This was, in my opinion, the first global choice of our civilization: the choice of Hayk to live in a creative format. But that choice was not and could not be the choice of only the Armenian people. Speaking modern language, it was a universal choice. To live by conscience and justice, to live by spiritual rules, laws and values, and not to live at someone else's expense, thinking only about the daily bread, no matter by what methods and how the material wealth is obtained by the man, to only think about today, about entertainment, without thinking about the future.

What has the consumer format of society led to?

Unfortunately, it must be stated that it is exactly the last part of what just has been said prevails in the consumer society in which you and I live. The system of consumption has now enslaved the entire globe, entered everyone's house, but we have agreed to not talk about negative things, but about the opportunities provided to us. The fact is that the consumer format has already exhausted itself, and its end is already visible to many people who can see. But why did we need that foreword and how does it directly concern the Western Armenians?

We've had the issue of losing our homeland for the last hundred years, haven't we? And where did that issue come from? The very same confrontation between Hayk and Bel has been going on for thousands of years. My dear ones, the thing is that the Armenian people, as a representative of the creative part of mankind, had to lose the right of choice and obey the will of Bel. And as our people by their choice should have become a standard-bearer in spreading the creative bases for the whole mankind, Bels, who exist and are still acting, decided to stop our mission by destroying all Armenians.

There was a genocide, the only reason for which was was mentioned above. Now it becomes clear that the Turks were only tools for the implementation of this plan, behind which stood a bunch of Bels (destructors). But the Armenian nation is in fact a creator, and according to the laws of the Universe it is impossible to destroy creation. After all, what is the point in mankind, if one of its creative components will be destroyed? And since it was impossible to exterminate all Armenian people, they came up with a new plan: to disperse the rest of our nation all over the world to dissolve them in other nations. So, by destroying the Armenians, it was supposed to stop the universal mission of our people, and we were scattered all over the world. 

Many people said, "Vai, we have lost our Motherland, vai, one and a half million of Armenians have been destroyed" and so on. But there were also those who dedicated their lives to the interests of our people and the fight for their rights and the return of the Homeland. But it was not just a matter of returning the land! Hayk, the forefather, having decided to live by the creative laws of conscience while traveling around the region, realized that it is in his native cradle that he and his people have the most creative forces and possibilities. Today, more than ever, realizing our universal mission and the possibility of returning to our cradle, we must understand that it is not good for us to live by consumer concepts, behind the spread of which stands today's Bels. They are in a deteriorating state. They are losing ground today. And we must not return them their lost positions. 

What opportunities do we have?

And if we are Armenians,we necessarily - at least at the level of consciousness - have to return to the principles of creation of our forefather Hayk. That is, to the foundations of the Creative Society. We have a mission. And we should not be part of a consumer society by any means. Today the world is watching for our return to the origins of the Creative Society. Today is the most favorable moment to understand and acknowledge our mission, as the creative movement, which has emerged all over the world, is spreading across our beloved planet with its victorious march, embracing millions upon millions of free people. Constructive humanity as if demands our return to our homeland. But for that to happen, we must fulfill our creative mission. Let’s think in that direction. That is the essence of our forefather Hayk's covenant. And this is my message to you today, my dear Armenians!!!

An Appeal of Hayk Avagyan, psychologist and engineer

What is a consumer society?

Greetings, my beloved Armenians! Continuing the word of my colleague, Mr. Sargisean, I appeal to the Armenians around the world. Indeed, today humanity faces the choice to be or not to be. And what factor has led mankind to the need for such a choice? It is consumerist thinking, born in a consumer society.

And what is a consumer society? Consumer society is the society which kills the real Man in a human being and begets the beast. Ceasing to be a real Human, the man only thinks how to divide in order to rule. Divide and conquer - this is the basic principle of consumer society. So, over a period of 6,000 years, destroying the real essence in people, the consumer society has spawned and developed in people a consumer as a tool of the system. A man ceased to be himself, becoming an instrument in the hands of the system, the purpose of which was the destruction of human civilization. But to our delight, true Knowledge cannot be lost. It can be forgotten. But the time comes and it is given to people again. In what form? For example, in the form of the ideology and principles of the Creative Society. 

The alternative to consumer format

In a consumer society, a person is a competitor to another person, a human is an enemy to a human. In a consumer society, money, personal gain and power dominate, while they don't exist in a Creative Society. The Creative Society is an alliance of free people united by highest spiritual and moral human values. Their goal is to unite in the name of the Creator for the sake of creation. The consumer society has destroyed and deprived people of the opportunity to even think about it. But the ideology of the Creative Society has awakened people, faith and hope were revived in them. They felt it deep down in their souls, felt that not everything is lost, that it is possible and we all have to unite around higher universal values. Many people have felt the need to create.

I appeal to you, my beloved people! We do not need masters! We have a need to build a Creative Society. And it is absolutely possible. It is the only way to save and safeguard humanity! Thank you!

An Appeal by Vahan Hovhannisyan, member of the supreme council of the “Assembly of Armenian Creation” party

My beloved Armenian people, I appeal to all Armenians spread all over the world. 

Dear friends! Indeed, the Armenian nation does not need masters, the Armenian nation has a need to build a Creative Society. For a long time, they have been trying to separate us, to divide us into small groups, to alienate us from each other, to do everything to sow discord and hatred among us. Unfortunately, this is still going on today. What is the reason and motivation for the above-mentioned?

The main reason is that those who do it, or their masters, realize the importance of the mission of the Armenian people: a mission that is not national, but a universal and even a global one. You may ask: "What is the essence of this mission?" 

What is a Creative Society?

Being at the origins of the present civilization, at this crucial moment, the Armenian people should spread the light of knowledge all over the world: knowledge about the Creative Society, the original essence of the human being, about the primacy of his spiritual component. You and I should be that voice, which will remind people all over the world about their true essence, about the fact that a human being is born to be happy, to become free: free from his "inner beast", free from any masters, free from matter, free from fear and so on. Only such a person can be truly happy, and a community of such people is a Creative Society. What is a Creative Society? Brothers, sisters, my dear, the Creative Society is truly a community of free people united by honest responsibility before God, humanity, their people and, what is no less important, before themselves. It is a society of honor and dignity, a society of conscience.

We do not need masters: masters who are imported from outside or are born as "princes" within our nation. In the Creative Society, we will no longer delegate our rights and benefits to other people who perceive these rights and benefits as their property and, by wearing the mask of the benefactor, pretend they are doing good for us, giving us only some crumbs of our own benefits and freedoms from above.

We need to build the Creative Society

My beloved compatriots! I would like to inform you that today a serious force has already been born and every day it is gaining greater power. It is called the worldwide movement "Creative Society". Our nation has a unique opportunity: to responsibly fulfill its mission within the framework of this movement.

My dear, today in our beloved Motherland, the destructors want to change our faith by transforming it into faith in matter, so that we all worship material values and money and material possessions have been elevated to the rank of a cult.

The Armenian nation, which for thousands of years risked the lives of its children for the sake of its spiritual values, primordial traditions and culture, cannot and will not accept the beliefs of a consumer format, because it took its mission with great responsibility. The false values that separate our people and the whole humanity, are alien to us. We do not need masters, we need to build a Creative Society, which you and I will surely build. We will enter every house and ask our parents, our brothers and sisters, our children: do they want to live in a happy society, do they want to live in safety, do they want to love and respect each other, do they want to be a support to each other and all together, hand in hand, build the Motherland of our dreams?

A new chance for the humanity

My beloved countrymen! It is everyone's responsibility. As standard-bearers of the Creative Society, we will not only enter the homes of our compatriots, but we, Armenians, will knock on the doors and enter the homes of all the people of our beautiful planet, and we will help to ignite the fire of creation. This flame of love, unifying, will become that bright light which will cast out the darkness and help mankind to safely get away from the edge of the precipice. And by doing so, it will give humanity a new chance to build a new world, at the center of which there will be a Man who will serve his original essence, what he was born for. 

Service can only be to God, and it is bright and joyful. In this case, the mission of our people is our service, it is the mission of every one of us.

Thank you, my compatriots, and once again I express my confidence that together, united as one organism, as one whole, we will walk this path hand in hand, will joyfully and happily follow the path that will lead us to the society of happy people. We will recall our true culture, and by looking deeper into it, we will clearly see that the roots of the original culture do not divide us but, on the contrary, unite the whole civilization.

Once again, I thank you for your attention and wish us all a good journey.Let us get on the way, my dear fellows.

Our choice is happiness

Garnik Sargisean: Let me thank you and the "Assembly of Armenian Creation" for involving me in such a wonderful and important program concerning Western Armenians. It is a very good opportunity to talk to Western Armenians about Western Armenia's issues and about our return to our historical cradle, using not the political terminology but communication inspired by our traditional, universal Hayk’s values. We can state that these values have already been accepted by mankind. And I welcome the ever-growing human creative movement all over the world, the foundations of which I got acquainted with thanks to our friends. It is a project of returning a Man to the society, a project in which I with joy and pride have seen the return and the restoration of the creative mission of the Armenian people. And we will not disappoint you.

The Armenians will also direct their efforts towards the universal creative movement. We are confident that our mission and our efforts will benefit the entire mankind. Our contribution to the common cause will ultimately affect Armenians, especially Western Armenians, by the fact that justice will prevail and our rights will be restored. Thank you once again, it is a very important direction.

Vahan Hovhannisyan: Thank you, Mr. Unification of two Armenians, three Armenians is already serious work. Can you just imagine what miracles can be achieved when all Armenians unite around a single goal? And we, in fact, will confidently fulfill our mission. Bearing responsibility, we and all of humanity, hand in hand, will help each other build the world of our dreams because there is no other alternative. The alternative is the end of civilization.

But our choice is our happiness. We choose happiness!

Thank you, my compatriots.

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  • Olga
    21.11.2020   |   21:46

    So joyful to hear you! Not only Armenians, we, the people, need no masters!