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Presentation of ALLATRA IPM projects in Khmilnyk city

Khmilnyk, Ukraine
July 13, 2019

On July 13, 2019 in Khmilnyk city, Vinnytsia region, a presentation of projects that are implemented by ALLATRA International Public Movement was held. The event was conducted under the general motto "Good in Action". 

The ALLATRA movement participants presented to the residents and guests of the city such socially significant projects as "THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN", "ALLATRA TV", "ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement", "SOCIETY. The Last Chance", "NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY", and they also held a presentation of books by the Ukrainian writer Anastasia Novykh.

During the presentation, the volunteers of ALLATRA International Public Movement shared their live experience of participating in projects, discoveries, and new insights. They told all those present about the importance of these projects for the life of our society, for civilization as a whole, and they also showed short videos.

After the meeting was over, people didn't leave it for a long time, communicated and left their sincere feedback on the presentation to ALLATRA TV reporters.

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