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An exclusive report on the survival of refugees from Afghanistan

March 5, 2022

Imagine the despair and terrible state of people who find themselves cut off from the rest of the world in the bitter cold and cannot simply get warm. Lack of food, constant cold, lack of warm clothing and medical care. Do you think such a situation is impossible in the modern world?

Afghan refugees, including young children, now live precisely in these harsh conditions. Hassan Khan Sherazi, a humanitarian worker from Pakistan, spoke about it exclusively for the Creative Society project. He visited Chapursan, a remote area of Pakistan:

"When I got there, I saw how hard life is for these people, which is made much more difficult by the absence of access to the road leading into town. They can't get to the hospital, and they have no food either. Refugees who came from Afghanistan have settled there because the situation in Afghanistan changed and people were forced to move to Pakistan. The refugees are living side by side with the locals.

When I was there, the temperature was minus 25ºC. When I slept there at night, it was minus 19ºC or 20ºC, I think, and the water in the washbasin froze. So it's not easy to live there.

The refugee situation worsens every day. Because of military conflicts and climate disasters, more and more people are forced to leave their homes, leave all their possessions behind and seek opportunities to survive. In the consumer format, they are left to fend for themselves.

A small example: 353 million euros(!) has been allocated for the construction of a 186-kilometer fence on the border with Poland and Belarus to protect against migrants from the Middle East. We, people, spend huge sums of money to fence each other off, but we cannot lend a helping hand. Can't those same finances be spent to help people settle in the safe territory?

What is missing: resources or a human approach to their distribution?

Together we have built this absurd world and only together we can change it. Join the building of the Creative Society and participate in the international forum "Global Crisis. We are people. We want to live", which will be held on May 7, 2022. We must save our children while we still have time!

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