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The ALLATRA TV team from Volgograd visited the celebration of Mother's Day

Volgograd, Russian Federation
November 24, 2019

On November 24 and 28, 2019, in Volgograd hosted festive events, dedicated to the international Mother's Day and the closing ceremony of the regional marathon "Keys to happiness", organized by the Committee for social protection of the population of the Volgograd region. The performance of the best creative teams of the city, children's laughter, interactive zones, gifts and warmest wishes to all women and mothers - this wonderful holiday was held in such friendly atmosphere. Employees of the center conducted consultations with a psychologist and a lawyer for expectant mothers and women in difficult situations. 

The ALLATRA TV film crew was invited to cover this event. Reporters talked to the guests and organizers of the festival about the role of women and mothers in the family and society. Also conducted a social survey within the framework of the CREATIVE SOCIETY project on the topic of what unites all people in the world, how people see a creative society and what needs to be changed in order for our society to become creative and constructive.

Most people answered these questions without a doubt that we are all united by Love and kindness. And in order for society to become creative, it is necessary to implement such interaction model that all people are friends, and so every person would do good and give Love.

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