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About the Creative Society on Latvian TV channel LRT+

February 16, 2022

It has become clear to everyone that humanity can no longer continue to live in the format in which it has been existing for millennia. Time for the change has come, and whether the change will be for the better or for the worse depends on everyone who is living on Earth now.

The only format which is not built on power is the Creative Society. Only in this variant will humanity be able to develop without fear, be able to obtain the knowledge necessary for survival, become a step higher, and have a chance to develop as a united civilization.

Now participants of the Creative Society project are implementing the first stage of its building which is the information stage. In this regard, they hold international conferences, roundtables, shoot videos, communicate in all social networks, and talk on TV. For example, the Latvian TV channel LRT+ broadcast the programme Global Crisis whose guest was Eugenia Maletskaya, a participant of the Creative Society project.

Informing people

On the air, Eugenia said that the main goal of the Creative Society project is to unite all of humanity across the globe so that we could realize the First Foundation, which is Human Life. Its essence is if one Human is valuable, then all Humans are valuable.

“We are well aware of what is going on in the world right now. We understand very well that our lives are not valued. You can all observe this... I wish our lives would be valued and put in the first place.” The studio guest emphasized.

Climate and ecology

Eugenia spoke about the conference Global crisis. Time for the Truth which was aimed to truthfully and honestly inform the world about the impending climatic disaster: “At the conference, the following topics were touched upon: what the real climatic situation in the world is, why the world mass media keep silent about the scale of cataclysms, why the climate is changing rapidly despite signed international agreements, what threats people’s attention is distracted from, what environmental consequences thoughtless consumer actions of people have led to, why it is possible to stabilize the environmental balance of the planet only in the Creative Society. Unification of people will give us the opportunity to develop new technology that can help us clean up the planet.”

Videos from the conference were shown during the programme. Eugenia Maletskaya, while commenting on one of the videos, brought up the issue that people often confuse the concepts of “ecology” and “climate”.

“Ecology doesn’t affect climate. These are different things. Ecology is air pollution, pollution of the world’s waters, oil spills, deforestation. It’s the human factor, but it’s a drop in the ocean that won’t affect the climate,” emphasized the participant of the project.

She specified that a lot of scientists took part in the conference Global Crisis. Time for the Truth. They were not afraid to voice the truth about climate change and revealed arguments and facts. The truth bothers those people who keep all of humanity in a state of slavery.

On the importance of bringing people together

Eugenia Maletskaya noted that the voiced truth is shocking, but it is important to understand that this is done not to intimidate, but to inform about the real situation and the impending danger:

“Friends, if you do not know the truth, we will not be able to find the solution. The unification of people is very important. After all, each person, actually, has certain life experience, their own opinion and their skills.”

Eugenia recalled the words of the outstanding scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who said: “People who can unite will enter the Golden Age.”

The participant of the project added that unification has its own law. Thus, the aura of two people tuned with the same wave, supporting the same idea, amplifies each other 7 times. The next person who joins reinforces 7 times to the second power, another one — 7 times to the third power, and so on in geometric progression.

“Friends, as our mutual acquaintance says: without you, my friend, we’ll do much less than with you. Join the Creative Society project and we’ll be able to find solutions and the way out of this climate change,” said Eugenia. She emphasized that we are one humanity, everyone is valuable, because they have a lot of opportunities:

“For many thousands of years we have been imposed to believe that we are nobody and we have no name. Think why this was done. The one who imposed this, knew perfectly well that a human has a lot of strength, and there are millions, billions of opportunities in our unification.”

How you can join the Creative Society project

Speaking about how to become a member of the movement, Eugenia said that it is enough to go to any search engine, type the phrase “Creative Society” and find the official website where you can study information, goals and objectives of the Creative Society project, 8 Foundations. Next, click the Join Us button.

If a person wants to be a participant of the project, he or she can choose one of the three suggested options. The first one is simply “I support the Creative Society”, the second option is “I support the Creative Society, but I’m not ready to take an active part right now.” And the third one is “I support the Creative Society and I am ready to take an active part.”

“If you choose the third option, you will be contacted, shared skills, experience and suggested what you can learn. The Creative Society is now being built by people from 180 countries. Right now, the first stage of building the Creative Society, which is the information stage, is being implemented. We tell you that there is an alternative, how to move from the consumer format to the creative one, which will improve the life of each person, and where the importance and value of human life is in the first place,” summarized Eugenia Maletskaya.

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