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People and organizations from all over the world actively participate in the Creative Society project, and become partners of the project, actively supporting its idea; they take part in live broadcasts, as well as in their preparation, spread the information about the project, and publish articles in order for as many people as possible to learn about this idea.

Everyone who supports the idea of the Creative Society and strives to take part in its creation can easily join this global initiative.

One of the simplest ways is to publicly voice your position in support of Creative Society via the Internet. To do so, you can post an “I support CREATIVE SOCIETY” banner with a link to the website of the project creativesociety.com on any internet portal: on your personal website, the website of your company or organization, your personal account in the social networks and so on.

Thus, thanks to the actions of everyone, people from all over the planet can get acquainted with information about the Creative Society and make their own choice by joining this collaborative effort. With this simple action, we can make a huge contribution to building a happy future for us all.

Please, email us the information about you and your website so we can display your logo on this page.


International community about the Creative Society