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Do you want to help build the Creative Society? ?

The most frequent question asked by people who support the Creative Society is:
What exactly can I do now to build the Creative Society?
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The first and most important step in building the Creative Society is to make everyone aware that such a format exists and what enormous benefits it brings to everyone. This is our unique chance to get out of all crises peacefully and build a better world for us and our children.

In order for everybody to have a wonderful life and for real changes to begin in society it is necessary that all 8 billion people learn about and support the Creative Society project. Thanks to informing, an electoral request is being created. The sooner it is formed, the sooner we move on to the second — political stage of building the Creative Society.

That’s why people must know and talk about the Creative Society everywhere.

It is so important for humanity to build the Creative Society that every volunteer who is actively informing people deserves a Peace Prize even during the transition period of building the Creative Society.

After all, nowadays the survival of all humanity depends on the active actions of each individual.


What simple actions can you take to inform as many people as possible?

People who support the Creative Society tell all their friends and family, colleagues, neighbors, and strangers about the Creative Society. They discuss what our life in the Creative Society will be like.

You don't know how to start a conversation? Just ask, “Have you heard about the Creative Society?” Tell everyone you know about the benefits that THEY will receive in the Creative Society.

Watch the video how the participants of the project are already doing this:
People add Creative Society hashtags to their profile photos, email signatures, put them in their posts and social media, on personal websites: #CreativeSociety
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One of the quickest ways of conveying information about the Creative Society is through mass media:

Participants post information about the Creative Society in mass media: on television, radio stations, print media, on bloggers’ channels, both local and global.

They participate in talk shows, podcasts, news or any other programmes where they talk about the Creative Society and its benefits.

They offer materials from “Global Crisis” International Forums and Conferences for publication.

Tell people what benefits everyone will get in the Creative Society. People want to hear this information!
You can consult the experts of the Public Relations Department of the Creative Society Project about placing material in various media sources by writing an email to [email protected]
Collage with people
Collage with people

People order advertising in their cities on their own initiative. They place it on banners, in the subway, public transport, in shopping malls, in mass media, etc.


Participants create songs, poems, write scripts and make films, join video editing and film crews in their cities, etc.

To join a team of volunteers making creative content in your city, contact us at the project's official email address: [email protected]


Business owners place the Creative Society banner on their websites or add the Creative Society logo to their products.

Show that you care about all people!

The Creative Society project is non-profit, so if you would like to support the project, you can organize an advertising campaign in the world media. You can get advice on advertising materials from the experts in the Public Relations Department of the Creative Society project by contacting us at [email protected]


If you are an expert in the fields of advertising, marketing, SMM, design, film-making, programming or any other area which you feel would help in the dissemination of information about the Creative Society and you would like to help with your competencies on a voluntary basis, please contact us at [email protected]

Do you have more ideas?

Please, contact us at [email protected]