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Dr. Ervin Laszlo

Professor, PhD, world-renowned scientist, philosopher, integral theorist, writer, pianist, Founder and President of The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research (Hungary/Italy)

Dr. Ervin Laszlo

Speaker Bio

Dr. Ervin Laszlo is a member of numerous scientific bodies, including the International Academy of Science, the World Academy of Arts and Science, the International Academy of Philosophy of Science, and the International Medici Academy. He was elected member of the Hungarian Academy of Science in 2010.

Нe was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, in 2004 and 2005. The winner of the 2017 Luxembourg Peace Prize. 

Ervin Laszlo was awarded the Japan Peace Prize (the Goi Award), recognized as a Doctor Honoris Causa of a number of Universities in America, Canada, Finland, Korea, and Japan.

In 2019, Ervin Laszlo was cited as one of the "100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in the World" according to "Watkins Mind Body Spirit" magazine.

His research interests are focused on the global area of science and philosophy, in particular on the provenance of the cosmos and nature.

The author, co-author, editor of 101 books that have appeared in a total of 23 languages. Ervin Laszlo has also written several hundred papers and articles in scientific journals and popular magazines.


There are multiple crises awaiting us, awaiting our attention, because we have created a system that is unstable and unsustainable. And it's totally unbalanced also. There is always some interest, some big interplanetary interest or national or international interest or anything to rock the world in a way that will serve them. And it's that we don't have a system that would be really sustainable, that would serve the human community. We need a different way of looking at the world. So there will be different systems of governance coming about. We are all in the same, on the same boat. And this boat, to use this metaphor, is leaking. We have put in more and more people in it, using more and more resources around it. We are polluting the waters around it, and we are getting it into more and more, into deep and dangerous waters.

The challenge is to shift in time and positively. Because if we don't shift up, we'll be pushed to shift down, down, I mean, to increasing crisis, eventually,  anarchy and chaos. That's the bad scenario. There is a good scenario and a bad scenario. But we have got to change the way we are operating now. 

The fortunate thing is that many, many people are awakening to this. That you have a global conference and this topic is a very good sign. Young people are coming together, I think all intelligent people are beginning to see. It's not a question of who comes first. It's not a question of promoting oneself. It's a question of putting the human community first, even more than the human community, the whole system of life on the planet because we are affecting all life. We cannot stay as we are. If we are to move up, then we have to be aware of how to do it and be a conscious agent of that up-shift, so information leading to awareness is really everything. That's the key. 

Programs like these, conferences like this are a very key element of waking up because they spread. When you make sense today, when you show the way, people will recognize it and follow. And they want to participate. There's no question that with the will of a critical mass of people, society will change. And it can change in such a way that the resources, the vital elements of light energy, matter, everything that we need, nature - is becoming available to all people. 

And this necessity to change is becoming more and more obvious. Such as incredible global warming that we are having now will happen to us, because we are disbalancing the system in which we are living, in a very selfish and, basically, power-and-wealth-oriented way. We are using everything to a short-term advantage. Those who have the power, use it to get more power, those who have money, use them to get more money. So the entire worldview, the entire - but I like to call - the paradigm has to change. We are part of that evolution of life. If we just separate ourselves off it, then you know what we become, we are not a part of an organism, then we are a cancer. A cancer, you know, it just evolves itself, just grows, and eventually it kills the host. But if we can become oriented towards creating a world, being a Creative Society, then we can be a healthy impulse and motivation for the evolution of life.