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HRH. Amb. Dr. Uba Iwunwa

Ambassador General of World Aid Organization for Human Rights Canada and the Secretary General World Accreditation of Human Rights (WAOHR), Nigeria (Nigeria/Canada)

HRH. Amb. Dr. Uba Iwunwa

Speaker Bio

The Grand Duchess at The Dynastic House of Morris (Wales), Baroness of the Kingdom of Mughal Empire — KAME, UAE.

Nine-time Honorary Doctorate Award recipient in Diplomacy, Philosophy, Peace and Human Rights, accredited through global Humanitarian Leadership. Dr. Uba is the World Peace Diplomatic Ambassador of Canada. 

Baroness Uba Iwunwa is the Ambassador General of World Aid Organization for Human Rights Canada and the Secretary General WAOHR Nigeria.

She is also a Chief Ambassador of the Academy of Universal Global Peace, AUGP and the United Nations University, Canada.

Baroness Uba Iwunwa is a Diplomat with TWLF-UN Sovereign IGO The World Leaders Forum. She is the "Book for Peace" Award Winning Humanitarian Icon.


Greetings everybody. My name is Ambassador, Dr. Uba Iwunwa, I am an artist, music artist, Today I’m on Creative Society on AllatRa TV. And I'm sending out peace greetings to the world.

First time I came on creative society and then I read  the 8 Steps Foundation. About the right (of) human, the right to life,  education, human rights, equality, everything that Creative Society stands (for). 

I only want to use this media to send out my call. As it is divinely placed in my heart to call all humanity to come together and join a Creating a Society, to make this world a better place. In every generation, God always sends a prophet. And through the prophets, God brings a message to humanity. I see British society as the voice of reason, as the voice of the prophets, as the voice to bring awareness to humanity, to wake up humanity.

Do not be afraid to speak your truth. Today, I speak my truth, my truth, commission for peace and humanity, my truth to be a part of a Creating Society, a part of their vision to make a change, a vision to create awareness, a vision of truth, a vision to save humanity from crisis.

I call upon each and every one of you to join Creating a Society, unite under one umbrella, every organization, every foundation, every humanitarian individual who is making a difference. Each and every one of you need the umbrella of Creating a Society to unite the world as one. Thank you.