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“The Unseen. Revived Petroglyphs of Altai”, an art exhibition by Eduard Loginov

Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
February 8, 2020

In the "House of Scientists" in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok “The Unseen. Revived Petroglyphs of Altai” exhibition of the artist and traveler Eduard Loginov. It's been dedicated to the archaeological sites of the Altai territory.

The uniqueness of the technique for creating the paintings by the Novosibirsk artist  is amazing and delightful. Being in direct contact with cave paintings, Eduard accurately conveys their contents with the help of fabric and paints.

Eduard Loginov creating the painting 

The artist creates his art pieces using the unique estampage technique

Such an unusual exhibition attractd the attention of many visitors primarily because it contains a whole layer of ancient codes of cultures of different nations unsolved by modern science. The artist’s search for his path in art, the study of ancient writings and ritual drawings made it possible to create not only an unusual and interesting, but also a very significant project not only for Altai and Siberia, but for all humanity.

The author conducted excursions and gave numerous lectures introducing the viewer to the unknown world of Altai, and spoke about the importance of studying and preserving these natural art monuments. More than 200 samples of cave paintings of different eras, differing in variety of the execution technique, meanings, and symbolism were presented to the audience.

Eduard Loginov - the estampage technique

Eduard Loginov at work

ALLATRA TV reporters spoke with great interest to the artist about the historical value of ancient signs and symbols found in different parts of the world, their primordial meaning. “The rock art originated a very long time ago ... I think that this huge culture existed for a reason. Its main function was the transfer of knowledge ... It was a very important communication function. Without it, the development of civilization would have been impossible.”

Eduard Loginov talked about what inspires him to create true art and gladly answered questions from journalists as part of the “Creative Society” project. The artist supported the initiative of the ALLATRA International Public Movement and shared his understanding of a creative society: “A society of equality, built on mutual respect between people, which would be highly-developed, natural and civilized.”

Eduard Loginov, in search of petroglyphs

Eduard Loginov, the artist and traveler

The artist also noted: “The ideas of fairness, ideas of living in peace, without war - they resonate everywhere. All people have the same values. Whether they are in South or North America, in Africa, Australia, or Russia - it doesn't matter. No one wants war, no one wants to be hungry. This is what we all have in common.”

The participants of  the conversation were especially inspired by the understanding that by improving our inner world for the better, we, the humans, are capable of creating such society ourselves already now.

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