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About the event

About the event

What do we know about sports? What is the value of sports for each person? Is it competition or ongoing work on oneself, on one’s body and spirit? Is it a way to improve health or just a need to win at any cost? A favorite activity or a way to raise oneself above others? Much depends on the perspective with which each person views this issue.

The “GAME OF PROFESSIONALS” project has become a platform for the unification of people, where each participant can share his vision of building a Creative Society. This is the platform on which ALLATRA IPM participants conducted an online conference on the subject of “Sports in Creative Society”, during the course of which coaches, physical education teachers, athletes and other conscientious people answered the following questions:

  • How do they envision Creative Society and what are its advantages?
  • What can sports be like in a peaceful, creative society?
  • How can sports help a person and how can it unite people?
  • How do sports help shape a person’s character and improve his quality of life?

The conference speakers shared their opinion that it is necessary to first change the society format from consumer to a creative one. The competition which is currently present in sports and in life as a whole doesn’t give one the fullness and joy of achieving set goals. By replacing the competition with support and exhausting training with a health regimen, we will be able to create healthy competition and develop the right priorities for the establishment of sports of a new format.

History itself shows that the sports crisis is primarily a crisis of consumer attitude towards human life. Six thousand years ago, a human being developed body and spirit in harmony. But over time, thirst for power and “law of the mightiest” began to dominate. Victory and defeat - these goals prevail in contemporary sports.

How can we overcome this crisis? Everything starts with a person’s choice and with him defining the goal of practicing sports. Sports help to develop the body and keep one’s mind clear. While the real victory is victory over oneself, over one’s own laziness. In sports, both athletes and fans should take responsibility. Just like in any case, in any situation, one must stay Human!