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An international conference “FOR CREATIVE SOCIETY!” on the ALLATRA platform

Robby Wells' speech

My dear Americans and people from all over the world!

All of us, people of the planet Earth, are one big human family. Each of us understands the value of family, the important and responsibility for loved ones in joy and in sorrow, in hardship and in well-being. After all, there are no strangers in the family.

For many years I did not know my biological parents. I was raised in a family of a pastor, right here in the state of Georgia. I am happy and grateful that I know what humanity, trust, kindness and love are. I understand the value of family.

I'm a simple human, just like each and every one of you. I am neither a member of world moneylenders groups, nor a billionaire. I worked as an educator and a football coach for 20 years. Currently I am the ambassador for the International human rights peace commission. I have had the opportunity to communicate with many people of different ages, nationalities, professions, social status, both in America and abroad. I participated in many public initiatives, traveled all over the United States, and visited other countries as well. And always, looking at our life, I was left with questions of what is happening in our big human family.

Why are there wars? Why are there so many good people, however they are doing bad things? Why are there children without parents? Why is it that someone can work tirelessly, with all his diligence and at the same time lives in debt and loans, because he is trying to provide everything necessary for his family, and yet someone else does nothing, steals from the people, and has a fortune of billions of dollars. One individual cares about others, and gives his/her last, and someone else cannot even give a small pay raise to another who has been asking for years. As an individual works all of his life in order to pay off a house loan, and even when it's paid off, he is not able to live. He is not able to live in this home that he’s paid on his entire life or maintain it, because his life becomes more and more expensive every year. Today, many citizens of our country are unable to care for themselves, because healthcare has become too expensive for them and therefore inaccessible. So, it turns out we ourselves create an aggressive, animal-like society in which if you do not have money, you are no longer needed. But, is it right?

How can such human misfortunes, such a degradation of human dignity, such a division of American citizens be present in a free country, why is an example like this the example of the world? Or do we have freedom that exists only in the image of our dreams, but in reality it is a fake? Тhis is a tragedy not only in America, I have seen the same situation in other countries.

If we are a civilized people, then why is the level of depression growing every year? Why are Suicides, drug addiction, domestic and social violence, growing exponentially? This is a fake picture of "success and happiness", behind which is the suffering, pain and destruction of our lives. Aren't we all tired of living like this? Aren’t we tired of existing in such a world society where fear and hatred of each other is imposed on us, where we have to survive, but not truly Live?

I saw that something was wrong with humanity. I was searching for the root of evil. I have stood against evil and always strived for peace and for good. I wanted to make this world a better place, a better place for everyone. I saw and understood what problems exist in our world, but did not understand how to solve them globally, until by the will of fate I came into contact with ALLATRA International Public Movement.

That, what I've been dreaming about my whole life already exists next to us. And I realized that all this can be done for everyone. People can live in peace and in harmony, people can truly be happy. People can change the consumer format of society to a constructive and creative one. There is an example for this. An example of this is ALLATRA. People are uniting all over the world. As you can see. People are acting all together, regardless of their country of residence, religion or social status. People are uniting only on the best of humanity the qualities that distinguish us humans from animals. I believe it is time for all of humanity to join the ALLATRA movement and once and for all get rid of what is not human in all of us. Let us all together unite on the highest human qualities.

Today, this task is extremely urgent and critical for each of us, we all face the most serious, vital challenges in the history of mankind, ever.

We are on the threshold of climate catastrophe, which can happen in the coming decade. What will it lead to if the consumer format of relations in our society continues to dominate? The economies of all the countries will collapse and massive wars for territories and food will begin. It will be the most terrifying war in the history of mankind - the war for survival. The self-destruction of human civilization will begin. If we do not die from climate change, then we will die from nuclear war. This means that with the dominance of the consumer format of relations between countries and between people, we are all already inevitably dead. But we want to Live!

Is it possible to change the future now? It is! And it must be changed by all of us together, without wasting any time. Only then will we survive, but we will be able to survive as a united human family! Apart, we will die. We have to come together. In fact, in a global sense, we have nothing to divide! After all, we all have one nationality – humanity! One place of residence the Earth.

The rapid change of the vector of society's development from the consumer format to the creative and constructive format is the only chance of all of us to survive. There is no room for populism and speculation on this topic. Here we need real concrete actions from each person. The future of humanity depends on us, the ones that are living. We must do everything to ensure that the nations like humanity will survive.

It's time to face the truth: the modern consumer society has come to a deadend. Think about that. We have reached the final point of development of the consumer format. We are not even standing over a cliff, but we are standing over our own graves, and we have one last step to take. The only question is whether we take it towards death or whether we take it towards life.

Development of the consumer format of our civilization began with the Sumerians, six thousand years ago. And the meaning of it is the immeasurable wealth of a few and the impoverishment of the masses. All the history of humankind known to us is built on wars and conquests, which gave rise to many big and loud names. But history is silent about the global enslavement of the masses, about how for the benefit of a few, millions of people were killed. So I want you to Think about it. Masses of people were destroyed in order to satisfy the animal appetites of a small bunch of evil individuals, animals?! 

This history of consumer society is a history of murder and enslavement of mankind, the division of society into rich and poor, into those who are free and those who are slaves. Is this the life worthy of the title of a Human being? No, it is not.

Look at the world with open eyes: everywhere there is a lack of respect for human life, irrepressible corporate greed that continues to sell each of us, selfishness, the desire for power by any means, unlimited capitalization, which leads to the fact that a few get drastically rich due to the impoverishment of the world's entire population. And from this, we have conflicts, wars, inflation, debts, unemployment, and other disasters for all of our people. And each of us feels these consequences of the consumer format of our society.

Modern humanity has experienced two world wars. Tens of millions of people were killed. This affected the lives of almost all people, except for a very small bunch of non humans that earned capital in these wars. Even today, this small group and their descendants are striving for more power, they are insatiable. If this madness is not stopped now, then given the drastic climate change, it will end in a huge disaster for humanity.

If we do not now stop the race of empty bragging between multi-billionaires who want to see who is cooler and who is richer, their insane enrichment by imposing on us, people, a mind set of excessive consumption, destruction of wars, will very quickly lead not only to even greater impoverishment, but also to complete destruction of people across our entire planet. Either all of us together will stop this insane greed in a human or we are all going to die. When the inevitable collapse of consumer civilization comes, it will be impossible to keep peace on planet earth. In modern nuclear war, no one will survive. Think about that.

There is only one way to resolve this issue – We must change the rigid six-thousand-year old consumer format of society to a constructive and creative one, while there is still a little time.

To solve this, only a few steps, just a few need to be taken.

Together with the whole world we must create a united planned economy of a creative, constructive world society. The beginning of this is the complete cancelation of all debts, between countries, this includes private loans for citizens of the United States and the entire world. Sounds pretty good. (Thank you, go ahead you can clap) It will be impossible for one single nation to do this, no matter how powerful it might be. It takes all the countries to Start a new economy from a blank page. For people not to loose, but only to win and to earn! This is possible! And we, the people, we can do this!

But we can do it only together! With the entire world!

In fact, everything can be solved, and we all together can solve it. It is not difficult: to gather the whole world and reach an agreement. The мost Important issue is that we all are alive and living in peace. If we do not do this, then the insatiability and greed of the few will push all of mankind against each other in war for the remaining resources, in which no one will survive and no one will win.

All together, let's make this decision to build a new relationship between Nations and between world economies. Let us make a planned and unified economy without inflation, without lies, without the empty profit to those who do absolutely nothing. This economy that I speak of is not for the groups, it is not for individual corporations, it is not for individuals who think they are the rulers of the world, it is for the people that are around the world literally everyone.

You see, I am for capitalism, but honest capitalism! Capitalism to enrich all people! 

Let's stop living and stealing from each other! Let's live as one family!

It is not the rich who should become poor, but it is the poor who should become rich! then people will Live, not survive as it is happening today. 

We will not admire those who kill and rob us, but those who create for all of society! Thank you.

All together, we must and we can create the conditions for a normal and prosperous life for everyone in our large human family.

A person must work to live, but not live to work. The United States, like other countries, in recent years has turned into "a debt prison" We must remove economic slavery, in order to have true freedom! A person should enjoy life, not live in problems and worries, when he is forced to work out his loans with the banks, so he has somewhere to go and a roof over his head. A person should live, not worry what to live on for tomorrow. He should wake up in joy, not in fear and worries about how to feed his family. But, yet that’s where we are right now. A person should have time for spiritual and moral self-development, time to engage in sports, which I love. Time to educate children, time for their personal life.

There should be GUARANTEED JOBS, and HIGH SALARIES around the world that will be able to provide all the needs of all humans. Then people will not have to leave their homes in search of a better life. This will eliminate the problem of labor migration. Human life should be worthy everywhere!

STABILE PRICES in 50 and a 100 years. The cost of goods and services should be firmly fixed and should be the same everywhere. This will ensure stability throughout the entire world.

NO INFLATION! After all, inflation and crises are created artificially. There’s created by bankers. It is a small banking games to make a few rich and billions of people poor. In reality it is stealing from the poor. People get into debt. And then spend their whole life paying off loans. In a constructive society, there should not even be the concept of inflation.

A Creative society is for the people and beneficial to all the people! This will give a worthy standard of living.

TRANSPARENCY AND OPENNESS. People should openly control the banking system. No offshore banking anymore!

HONEST TAXATION. There should be NO TAXES ON PURCHASED PROPERTY. It's the property of that person, that has already been paid for. So why should you continue to have to pay taxes. 

FREE HEALTHCARE. Medicine must be free and available worldwide for everyone. The United States is the only Western Industrialized nation that does not have free health care. This will change under my administration.

There should be High salaries for doctors and equally high quality of services all over the entire world. The doctor should be interested in a healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases for the entire population, not in deceiving the patient and earning money on expensive drugs and unjustified surgeries.

FREE EDUCATION. I was an educator for 20 years, I know the problems with education. Training of specialists even in private institutions should be paid by the state, paid by the government. Free education from early childhood all the way through college.

Constructive knowledge for literary everyone for all! Science must get off the rails of the destruction of mankind and stand on the rails of improving the quality of people's lives, on the creative rails.

Technology at the service of humanity! Modern IT-technologies should give freedom to people and serve all of humanity! It should not enslave people's minds and make them like controlled robots. We’ve seen this.

Freedom of travel around the world for all people. After all, in a creative society, a single state, is part of the large human family, it is part of the world, with the preservation of its cultural values and historical heritage. With the United States leading the way under my leadership, we will bring all the nations together to defend humanity from all threats caused by climatic elements and any sort of aggression but we’ve got to do this together.

The creative format of society is already beginning to be widely and actively discussed by the international community. I am proud that on May the 11, 2019, a historic event took place in the United States right here in Atlanta (Georgia). It was the first international online conference of the new format "Society. The Last Chance". This was done on the platform of ALLATRA International public movement, where people from around the world, as you can see, openly and honestly spoke about the politicians and the world press that remain silent. People voiced not only problems, but most importantly – ways to solve those problems around the world.

I have had the honor of attending and speaking at this conference. I got to see in practice that people of different nationalities, different religions, and social status really just want one thing: to live in peace and friendship with each other, to live in a creative society.

We have more in common with each other, than we realize. And our nation of Humanity will achieve greatness for the first time, when we stand with a perfect vision in 2020 to erase the lines of division between people around the entire world. 

I hold the tasks set by the international community at this conference on May the 11th, 2019 in Atlanta (Georgia), deep within my heart We truly can do this, but only if we do it together! 

It depends on each one of us!

So, my first step is to announce to you today that in 2020 I will be seeking the Democratic party’s nomination for President of the United States. 

I AM RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT in order to do everything I can to help people around the world transform from that consumer society into a creative society!

I'm running for President to stop this crazy power struggle that has been perverting the world for basically 6,000 years. The power, which led to many wars, millions of people being killed, and slavery of humanity. Even today, the consumer slave system is camouflaged under various high-sounding titles and political promises, that have become more and more complex. Freedom must be practiced, not written on a piece of paper!

And, I am not running for any kind of power, I'm taking responsibility, responsibility for the people of America and the free world and literally all the world. I want to serve the people because I feel responsible for all of humanity. If you only knew.

I am running to be the President of the United States to fulfil the will of the people and to ensure a worthy future for the citizens of America and for every citizen around the world.

I hope that in the first step I will get support from all Americans and all people of good will - from people with AllatRa that is inside of them. AllatRa is the best qualities in a person, it is Honor, it is Conscience, it is Love. It is the Soul of a person. This is what God has breathed into each and everyone of us. This is what sets us apart from the animals and unites each and every one of us. 

I'm speaking with you honestly and openly today. It is time for all of us to lay aside all of our differences! It's time for all of us to unite!

l Together let us all rain victorious over the forces of life, so that our children and their children have a future! We want future generations to live in a state of happiness, health, wealth and peace.

We will not make empty promises, we'll roll up our sleeves and together we'll bring Eden back to earth. We have dreamed of this day long enough, now we will rise up and build Heaven on earth.

After all, God is with us!

May God bless each and every one of you here today and May God bless the United States and the entire world! 

Now Let us rise up like the phoenix out of the ashes of a divided world, and into the glorified glory of a unified people. 

Thank you very much.