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An international conference “FOR CREATIVE SOCIETY!” on the ALLATRA platform

Marina Ovtsynova's speech

Today, indeed, there are many people around the world who have woken up, those who see and feel the Truth and are not being silent, those who feel this inner connection, this unity with each other and are already acting for the sake of uniting people and building a creative society. 

This was proven by the conference of a new format – "SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE". The conference took place on May 11, 2019 on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement. People themselves in the United States and around the world have felt the need for these global changes in world society. Through the online video conference, many people from different countries gathered all together as one united family in order to discuss our common to all mankind vital issues, which are happening in our large planetary home.


The main topic of discussion was the question: "What threat to the near future brings the consumer format of modern society? And how can people themselves, all together, peacefully reformat the vector of society’s development from consumer to creative one, while taking into account the existing and impending global problems and challenges of climatic and geopolitical nature?” All clear minded people of the world understand that the transition to a creative format of society is the only, I repeat, the only chance for all of us to survive as humanity.

The conference created an unprecedented resonance in society. The huge support and real actions of people around the world -are just the beginning of the growing wave, which was generated by the important topics raised during the conference and by its results. Every day, in different countries of the world, the number of reasonable people, people of good will, who are involved in the active implementation of this vitally important for all  task , is growing exponentially. They unite, share ideas, knowledge, experience, and implement joint initiatives in practice, thanks to shared opportunities.

They all understand that humanity is now at a deadend. We are on the verge of a global economic and geopolitical collapse during the period of drastic global climate change on the planet, which will inevitably affect the lives of every person and all humanity. The reality is that today like never before, we as humanity are very close to the point of self-destruction: either through the use of nuclear weapons or as a result of climate cataclysms.

But who prevents us, the people, to make a decision and change everything, to begin living like humans, as it should be in the civilized world? After all, only we ourselves, with our real actions can help each other in this world. Why? Because, it is people, those who create, those who build, hard working people of the whole world should make the global decisions about their fate, and not a bunch of egoists who live only for their personal interest.

If there were fewer political games, then people would truly know what awaits them in the near future, they would know the whole truth about the climate situation and prospects for the upcoming years. For example, as honestly as it is described in the climate report published by ALLATRA IPM: "On the problems and consequences of global climate change on Earth. Effective ways to solve these problems". But this is not not public knowledge. Is it not beneficial for someone to talk about it? Then I have a question for them: "will it be beneficial for people to leave their homes, migrate urgently to other areas during climate disasters, while, the consumer way of thinking will continue to dominate in the global society? What can we expect? Destruction of each other?!»

Why did we come to a dead end? Because, there is a global game for the public, falsehood, concealment of actual information. The question is, who's playing with our lives? For us it is life, and for them it is a game. After all, only a few people play big politics, a few people play big business. But the price for their games is our lives. 

And how can you play with people’s lives for the sake of imaginary ambitions?  And is it allowed on behalf of more than 300 million Americans to say that we want to kill these or those people who are supposedly "our enemy"? And who appointed these peoples as our enemies? A few politicians play to benefit the businessmen who could not divvy up a wallet belonging to the people with the same players in those countries.

But who ever allowed the politicians to play with people's lives? War is a shame of mankind, it is a grief of mothers! There are no winners or losers. Wars carry  death that destroys our children. But wait, in the world there is no such thing as other people's children, all children in this world – are our children!

What is the modern consumer format? It is the format of the game played by a few with destinies of billions. People from all over the world understand that these players got caught up in the game. We've had enough! Enough of your games! People all over the world understand that world politicians are messengers to the big businesses in the interests of small groups of people. This is wrong. This game of "divide and conquer" has lasted for 6 thousand years! 6 thousand years we exist under the dictation of this format, which is only being improved as a sophisticated form of slavery. Humanity no longer remembers how it should be, how to live human like, according to conscience. Although each of us dreams of fair treatment toward ourselves, and for people to treat each other with love, dignity and respect.

Consumer format kills the most important thing – humanness. Then what is the point of such a humanity in which pride, and the darkest and beastly vices stimulate all the negative that is present in a human. Is this the life of a civilized society?

It is a fake game imposed by the system, which places into slavery, anti-human conditions the existence of all: those who play and those who get played. It's time for everyone to grow up. Human life is not a game! 

Today, the technologies used for manipulation and control are failing the system all over the world People are waking up. And all those people who were silent for many years, are beginning to speak up! Good, decent citizens have always stood aside from revolutions, because they understood that behind all this hype has always been someone's desire for power. They were smart enough to stand aside from paid political shows. But the time has come for them to say a few words.

Enough fighting with the consequences – it is necessary to eliminate the cause. We, the people, gathered with the world, can make our lives worthy.

What do all people around the world want? To live honestly, rightly, safely, in prosperity, to work a little, and to earn a lot. This is how it should be in a creative, highly technologically advanced civilized society.

Let's honestly look at the modern history  not only of The United States but of the whole world: all the presidents, in all countries, hiding behind the needs of the peoples, and execute the will of either rich family clans or multi-billionaires. Many of them are good speakers, but they only play the role of a free man in public, while essentially remaining as the executor of someone's will, someone's, but not the people. Isn't that a paradox? How can this be happening in civilized countries? Aren’t they, themselves, suffer from it? All people: the presidents and businessmen – they are people the same as us. They also suffer from their own games, but can not break away from the vicious circle. The time has come to break this circle! And to start, give people who are not members of the clans, are not  billionaires, who are not cut off from society, the responsibility for the American people. Those who are like us, those who are one of us.

Who in practice, knows the needs of the people and is guided by the principles of humanness. Who can break this vicious circle and make sure that the power really belongs to the people, so that from now on we no longer have representatives of the authorities, but Executive services – those people who fulfill the will of the people, and do not seize/strive for power.

Those, whose aspirations and desires coincide with the will of people all over the world.

Those who are full of honor, dignity and determination should run for President in their countries to fulfill the aspirations of billions of people, so that this humanity has a chance for the future. The ones who run for president need to take responsibility and not seize power.   To serve the people and not to exploit them.

If each of us, people around the world, in their places, right now do everything possible to change the consumer format of existence of our world community to a creative one, then our descendants will have a future!

This is our common future, this is our joint life! Our planet Earth is too small and fragile. During the period of severe challenges, we can survive only together, as a universal creative, harmonious, united family. 

This is what people around the world want. If people in the whole world say “Yes”, then it will be so. If people decide, then the world will change. If the world changes, then the future will change.

On the second Saturday of May, 2020 we invite all good and kind people to the universal international conference "Society. The Last chance", where citizens from different countries of the world all together will decide, how we all will live in the future. This will be a time when all of us jointly, all together will be able to approve and adopt the creative and constructive format of society’s development. 

We, the people of the world, ourselves, with our own hands will create conditions for the development of a creative society in which will flourish stability, and abundance in everything, there will be no place for hatred between humans, and love and friendship will prevail on Earth. 

Everything depends on society, but society is each of us. Let's change the world together!

May God bless each of us in this difficult time, and may God bless the United States of America and the whole world!