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An international conference “FOR CREATIVE SOCIETY!” on the ALLATRA platform

Chander Gambhir's speech

Thank you, Thank you very much and good morning to all of you.

I will be speaking today on life is beautiful as it should be and for all. At the outside if I may ask all of you what is the precious thing in life? Diamonds? Palatial Mansion in Hollywood, Manhattan or a farmhouse on the  green hush hills of Switzerland? I don’t think so. And I think you will all agree with me. The most important thing for a man in life is freedom. Freedom and freedom as a whole. Even the parrot will not like to be in the cage, even if it is made of gold. He also wants to flutter and fly away in the open sky. Human beings also want freedom. So, I am very strong believer of freedom for all.


All these possessions what I mentioned above they may be important in their own way. I don’t mean that they are not important to have a mansion or money or something. But most important is freedom and we are going to work with ALLATRA to get that freedom and unity for all the people of the world. 

Many peoples many countries may have gone of course, through their own freedom struggle, but no one like India knows the value of freedom or how valuable is the human life, because we had gained independence freedom through total non violence and peaceful means championed by the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. It was all peaceful means. We believe in coexistence of all people and all countries. And this is also our strong conviction that if we allow the freedom and the right for every country to exist with respect, I think there are no issues which we cannot resolve peacefully. Everything we can resolve peacefully only we have to respect others, that is what is very important, especially in this time of the life. 

As just advocated by Robby Wells and also illustrated and spoken at length by Marina, if we all join together we can bring a big change in the society. That is what even Mahatma Gandhi said we can bring the change whatever we wish- being together, being united. And that’s what our aim and objective our, as well as of AllatRa is the same. Let us get united and let us work for unity and harmony in the entire world. 

I had attended the conference on the 11th May here in Atlanta “Society. THE LAST CHANCE” held under the auspices of ALLATRA. I was very impressed as you all were, well, whoever had attended. I was very impressed with the aims and objectives of ALLATRA and to learn of their sincere efforts, dreams, and endeavors for uniting all the people of the world to achieve new freedom and dignity for all. That’s a very great objective and a very good idea, we should respect all of us and be with them. 

As per my own experiences at the last conference the highest values that ALLATRA attaches to overall freedom and dignity are as a matter of fact very much identical to the principles and ideas which India holds for centuries. We are for all for that, India is for that and with it. We believe that God made us all alike. Then, I am very happy to note that ALLATRA professes the same objective of working towards making the life of all human beings in the world happy, free and beautiful.

ALLATRA has really noble cause and noble objectives. We have to work with them and for them. Fundamentally we are all human beings and we all need love, peace, humanity and harmony to be able to live as brothers and sisters. 

India is a perfect example of unity in diversity. As you may all know India has so many languages, different cultures in different parts of the country, but we are, I am so proud, we are still ever unified and united. I., in my opinion the power belongs to people and should belong to people. And who deserve to live in dignity not in debt, in love not in hatred anymore anywhere. That is the values that we attach and I am proud again ALLATRA attaches the same thing of principles. People need to be allowed to have equal rights and opportunities, to be free to choose employment, affordable health insurance, housing and independent living with self respect.

Of course no country alone can get rid of or can come out of vicious circle of poverty and deprivation, but if we all join together we can! One day.

I deeply believe also, that we the people together are able to overcome any struggles or any difficulties which may come on this path, we can over come. The only need will be to unite and work together. I have no doubt that with our potential energy with our spiritual fire in our mind in our hearts we can find a path we can find a means to overcome all those difficulties, if at all they come. We should be easily able to build a society of cohesion and cordiality, there is no difficulty, the demand the human beings we are capable of winning anything. 

And I believe that if you win yourself, you can win the world. Everything is the willpower to win yourself this is very important we have to try to work together to break the shackles of poverty and problems together forever. And also, we need to move away those people who are indulging into such a thing unnecessary and endless aggression and destruction conquest and enslavement imposed on us from outside.

Again, the problem and the question in everybody's mind will be, how do we do it? The greatest victory of victory is first over oneself. As I said before, if you are able to win yourself you can win the entire world. And there is what the means to do that and this is the truth. This is the truth and the means to achieve true freedom of men. This also is the spirit of ALLATRA and with such an extinguishable, such an extinguishable spiritual fire, as I said earlier among us, we will sincerely and seriously work together from a standpoint of humanity, unity and respect for all. Keeping in view the spirit of humanity and unity and equality, I like to invite and request you all to follow on the universal need of the hour and come along to stand by ALLATRA to help propogate this virtues, ideals and principles which are also Indias as well as contained in Mahatma Gandhi's legacy, we are following that.

At least I am very happy and proud too, I should use the word announce, I’ll be very happy to work with and for ALLATRA, for times to come. Because I love and I respect their ideas, and the virtues and the values.

Please therefore let us join together to spread a world of love and friendship in every part of the world and strengthen ALLATRA in its journey to achieve freedom and unity of all. We must to do everything possible also to bring the representations of our entire huge world family for 2020. Keep in mind  and pay attention to this that ALLATRAs preamble, ALLATRAs preamble in the true sense is the Soul of Gandhi's Dreams. Which is to strive for peace, freedom, unity, and love among all the human beings of the entire world. 

Thank you very much brothers and sisters. Thank you very very much all of you.