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An international conference “FOR CREATIVE SOCIETY!” on the ALLATRA platform

About the event and video reviews

On June 22nd, a press conference “FOR CREATIVE SOCIETY!” took place in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Uniting people from around the world including Germany, Spain, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and many other countries via online video conference.

Those present at the conference included ALLATRA International Public Movement participants, representatives of various public, social and religious organizations and officials from diplomatic and political circles as well as members of the media.

The press conference opened with Robby Wells’ speech on current problems of the consumer society, which started 6,000 years ago. He spoke about the cause-and-effect relationships that have impacted people’s lives today and the importance of transforming society, as well as about the significant activities of ALLATRA International Public Movement. About how ALLATRA IPM participants, through personal example, show the possibility of changing the vector of society’s development from a consumer format to a creative society by peaceful means.

The global conference of humankind ‘SOCIETY 2020”, which will take place on the second Saturday of May in 2020, is attracting more and more interest from people who live on different continents. People understand that this is a real opportunity to unite on the common, independent, global ALLATRA platform, and to find a joint solution of troubling issues in this time of global climatic challenges. That all together, as the world, we have an opportunity to adopt a creative humane vector of development for our civilization, while it’s still not too late.

The video about conference «SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE» is available at the ALLATRA TV website: allatra.tv

Video reviews of people from all over the world about the International Conference "For a Creative Society!"