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About the event

About the event


On January 25, 2020, an online conference of a new format “GAME OF PROFESSIONALS. SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE” was held on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement on the topic of "SCIENCE AND HIGHER EDUCATION IN A CREATIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE SOCIETY".

The conference consisted of two parts. The first part will be held in the form of a round table and the speakers raised the following questions:

  • Science today: the current situation. Fragmentation in science.
  • The goals and objectives of science: learning of the Truth and uncovering information hitherto unknown to humankind — creation of technologies, their use for the benefit of all people.
  • Are there technologies and developments today that can solve the problems of humanity?
  • Why are these developments not being used and implemented today?
  • Working conditions of a scientific researcher. The role of a scientist in society.
  • The unification of scientists will allow us to solve the problems of humanity as soon as possible in the conditions of global cataclysms.
  • Low level of education — solutions to the problem.
  • The way out is in moving away from the consumer format of thinking and transition to a creative society around the world. Why is this necessary?

The second part of the conference was held in the form of an open discussion, answers to questions from the audience and guests.

Science in a creative and constructive society should serve people and contribute to the improvement of life of every person on the planet Earth, help people in their spiritual development, contribute to unlocking creative and physical potential. The primary task of education is to raise people who live according to their conscience, who are able to take responsibility and solve complex tasks. To show love and care for each person and the entire society. Humanity can unite in building a creative and constructive society. And then science and education will become a strong support for all people on the planet, the entire unified society.

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