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Creative and constructive worldview In modern music culture. Fresh start

About the event

About the event


Music can unite. With its help, people can express their feelings, it can create a mood. Most of the events are accompanied by music. We listen to music while taking care of the daily routine.   

But what is music filled with nowadays, what message does it carry? Is it possible to direct contemporary music into a creative channel?

This was the main question at THE GAME OF PROFESSIONALS which was held on the platform of ALLATRA IPM by musicians, composers, and creative people from all over the world on February 9, 2020. The main topic of the game was: "Creative worldview in contemporary music culture. Reboot". 

Participants of the Conference went over such questions as:

  • Contemporary music culture.
  • The original role of sound. In the beginning, there was a Sound.
  • Music as an instrument of self-cognition.
  • What is music filled with? Responsibility of the author and performer. 
  • Responsibility of the listener to himself when choosing music.  

During the conference, speakers were sharing their insights in the field of culture and music. They noted that the language of music is universal and anyone is capable of understanding what feelings are conveyed by this or that piece of composition, of feeling their depth. 

Music is an integral part of our life. And we ourselves can make it another source of happiness and inspiration.