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society. the last chance the unique video conference in human history. truth which was voiced by the entire world

On May 11, 2019, a unique event of global scale took place on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement - an international video-conference “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE”. This momentous event started in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

"SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE” is ​​the first global conference in the history of humankind, which united people from many countries around the world in the format of live communication. People gathered in numerous conference halls on different parts of the planet, and simultaneously connected with each other via the Internet, in order to openly and honestly discuss important and truly urgent issues present in our society.

The list of participating countries included United States, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Slovakia, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Germany, Uzbekistan, the United Kingdom, Moldova, Italy, Latvia, Canada, New Zealand and many others. People, regardless of their nationality, religion, profession or social status, united for the first time in human history, and openly voiced the truth regarding the main question that concerns the whole civilization: “How can we, as humanity, change the vector of society’s development from a consumption-based society to a constructive and creative society?”

A Brief Video Overview of the Unique International Conference of May 11th, 2019

Words expressing the true feelings of the international community concerning the consumer format, which has completely outlived itself, sounded clearly and boldly from the speakers: “Nobody here wants to kill anyone, it is obvious that no one wants aggression. We all want peace and harmonious relations with each other. So why are we forced to believe that there is an enemy, and that we must live in fear and hatred? People are not the ones complaining. Those complain who can not divvy up a single wallet and power over us, not to mention that the wallet is ours."


All those present noted a truly unusual and unprecedented format of the event. Nearly all the speakers spoke directly from their seats, displaying unity with the event participants and guests present from many communities and with the entire world as one humanity. Each speaker expressed the opinion of thousands of people and every participant was a representative of a different community. Everyone could see each other on the huge screens of amphitheaters and congressional centers. People from different parts of the planet could look into each other’s eyes and communicate without intermediaries!

The public responded with sensitivity to the questions that were raised from the different conference halls. “This is really something that has become painful for everyone! We are happy that the real truth has finally been voiced, without political embellishments and media’s play on words. This shows that we, the people, are strong in our unity, and that kindness is still alive in different countries!”- noted those present.

Some of the issues that were raised at the conference, “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE”, included:

How has the consumer format of society become a dead end for the development of our civilization? What can we do, all together, to peacefully move into the format of a creative society, without detriment to countries and peoples, without any material loss to anyone?

Why, in the 21st century, do we still have world problems such as wars, international conflicts, racial and religious discrimination, if people from different countries of the world primarily want the same thing - peace and a happy life?

Why is information that is important for building a creative society, being distorted or ignored globally by mass media? What should the media’s role be in a creative society? Why are there so many religions in the world, but no humanness in society? For example, why is Islam discredited in the world when, for Muslims, Islam is a religion of Love?

Who created the so-called “Doomsday Clock” for humanity, with its hand now at two minutes to midnight, and promoted it in the world media as a “factor of tension” in the international situation and nuclear arms race? Why is midnight designated as “apocalypse and complete destruction of humanity"?

How do we unite all people of goodwill? There is a way out! Together people can do a lot!

This is not a G20 game. These are free people from different countries of the world who speak the truth openly and who want to live in a single human family, where the main priorities are Peace, Conscience and Humanness.


At this large-scale event, the speakers proposed that everyone come together in one year, on the second Saturday of May, to organize an even larger international online conference “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE 2020" #allatraunites, to gather the whole world, and to invite representatives and leaders from all countries:

“Today is the second Saturday of May. In one year, let's get together with all people of the world, let's get together as a whole world community, along with our leaders and government officials. If senior government officials are too lazy to go down to the ordinary people, no problem, they can connect online from their comfortable chairs in their offices. Looking into the eyes of the entire world community, even through the monitor, they can answer the questions of regular citizens, because today they are presidents, but tomorrow they will be ordinary people. Let’s get together to find out if our leaders really want to kill us. We want to ask, what are they really doing to us - are they saving us or terrorizing us?”

Each of us can do a lot to make this next event happen. Every individual can apply their best efforts to share information about the upcoming conference with as many people as possible so that everyone can express their human position and contribute to the formation of a new creative society. Such a society in which every person, who strives for true human values, would like to live:

“We all want to live in a good and kind world. If we do not create it, then who will? Let’s share information about the event in mass media and all social networks, do all that we can on a global scale. This is the last chance, we can remove the clock and we can live happily. But if we decide not to use this opportunity to unite, then why do we need to wait for the last two minutes to expire? We can just move the hands on the clock to midnight now. The future of the world depends on us. And we understand that we cannot influence climate change, but we can change the relationship between people. So, let's meet on the second Saturday of May next year and together, choose the path for our civilization! This is our last Chance!”


The unique conference, "SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE”, received a huge response across the world. In many countries, people didn't disperse even after the event ended. Discussion and recording of video comments went on well into the night. All noted unanimously how significant this event was: the truth has finally been spoken to the entire world! Those present, including distinguished speakers, public figures, diplomats, and representatives of various organizations, voiced their agreement. They also demonstrated real readiness to assist and participate in widespread dissemination of this information and in preparation for the global, large-scale event, “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE. 2020".

The global social networks are gaining popularity with the hashtag #allatraunites, designed to draw the attention of the entire world community to a unique global initiative concerning everyone’s near future! This idea inspired the participants of the event from different countries of the world to act, because this international initiative is a real way out of modern crisis and dead ends for all mankind! Right now, we have an opportunity to do our utmost, to ensure that a universal, positive future becomes our reality!

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