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Human Life is the Highest Value
CREATIVE SOCIETY is an international project that unites people from over 180 countries on a voluntary basis. The goal of the project is to transition, in a legal and peaceful way, within the shortest possible time, to a new creative format of society worldwide, where human life will be the highest value.

How Did the Creative Society Originate?

The largest volunteer social survey, conducted over the course of ten years, revealed a real demand for a new format of society. The answers from millions of people in 180 different countries confirmed that the highest priority in society should be the value of human life.

Every participant in the social survey was asked the same question: “What kind of a world would you like to live in?” Based on the responses, 8 Pillars were formed and became the basis for building a society of a new format called the Creative Society. In order to implement it, people from all over the world are currently uniting and taking action within the project by the same name.

Who is Behind the Creative Society Project?

Millions of people from different cultures, nationalities, religions, and beliefs, who want to change our world for the better and know how to do this lawfully and peacefully. Every day, the number of such people keeps growing.

People from all over the world, who organize themselves and act strictly within the legal framework, united by a common goal: to create decent conditions for a peaceful and prosperous life for all of humanity and future generations.

Who funds the Creative Society project?

All actions and activities within the framework of the Creative Society project are carried out solely by the project participants themselves, on their initiative, by their choice and willingness, and at the expense of their own funds.

The Creative Society project does not have bank accounts, finance or property, does not accumulate funds, and does not make any profit.

The Creative Society is an entirely volunteer-based project operating within the legal framework. It represents solely the interests of people themselves rather than specific states, parties, or organizations.

Why Do We Need the Creative Society Worldwide?

The Creative Society format is needed worldwide because it is the only model that:

Provides solutions to all global crises, including the climate crisis;
Ensures a future without wars, conflicts, violence, poverty, or hunger;
Enables humanity to rapidly and peacefully advance to a new stage of evolutionary development;
Guarantees every individual's safety, health, well-being, and all-round development.

Is it Possible to Build the Creative Society in an Individual Country or an Alliance of Several Countries?

Today, countries of the world are closely interconnected and interdependent. Therefore, attempting to establish a creative format of society in an individual country or even an alliance of several countries would not be viable.

Building the Creative Society is only possible when all of humanity participates worldwide simultaneously. Before an affirmative decision is adopted at a world referendum, individual countries can only declare their intention to transition to the Creative Society. If individual countries or a group of countries try to switch to the Creative Society on their own, their security as well as the well-being of their population may be compromised. They would become vulnerable and unprotected against countries that have not yet embraced the Creative Society.

8 Pillars of the Creative Society

The 8 Pillars of the Creative Society are what people from all over the world desire. These are the fundamental values of the Creative Society that can become the basis of international law and legislation in all countries through a lawful expression of people's will at the world referendum.
1.Human Life

Human life is the highest value. Life of any Human has to be protected as one's own. The goal of society is to ensure and guarantee the value of each Human's life. There is not and never can there be anything else more valuable than a Human's life. If one Human is valuable, then all People are valuable!

2.Human Freedom

Every human is born with the right to be a Human being. All People are born free and equal. Everyone has the right to choose. There can be no one and nothing on Earth superior to a Human, his freedom and rights. The implementation of Human rights and freedoms must not violate the rights and freedoms of others.

3.Human Safety

No one and nothing in society has the right to create threats to the life and freedom of a Human!

Every Human is guaranteed free provision of essential life necessities, including food, housing, medical care, education and full social security.

Scientific, industrial and technological activities of the society should be aimed exclusively at improving the quality of human life.

Guaranteed economic stability: no inflation and crises, stable and same prices around the world, a single monetary unit, and a fixed minimal taxation or no tax.

The security of Human and society from any kind of threats is ensured by the unified global service that deals with emergency situations.

4.Transparency and openness of information for all

Every Human has the right to receive reliable information about the movement and distribution of public funds. Each Human has access to information about the status of implementation of the society’s decisions.

The mass media belong exclusively to the society and reflect information truthfully, openly, and honestly.

5.The creative ideology

Ideology should be aimed at popularizing the best human qualities and stopping everything that is directed against a Human. The main priority is the priority of humanity, high spiritual and moral aspirations of a Human, humanness, virtue, mutual respect and strengthening of friendship.

Creating conditions for the development and education of a Human with a capital “H”, cultivating moral values in each person and society.

Prohibition of propaganda of violence, condemnation and denunciation of any form of division, aggression, and anti-humane manifestations.

6.Development of Personality

Every person in the Creative society has the right to comprehensive development and personal fulfillment.

Education should be free and equally accessible to all. Creating conditions and expanding opportunities for a Human to implement his or her creative abilities and talents.

7.Justice and equality

All natural resources belong to Humans and are fairly distributed among all people. Monopolization of resources and their irrational use is prohibited. These resources are fairly distributed among the citizens of the entire Earth.

A Human is guaranteed employment if he or she so desires. Pay for an identical position, specialty, or profession should be the same all over the world.

Everyone has the right to private property and income, however within the limits of the individual's capitalization amount set by the society.

8.Self-governing society

The concept of "power" in the Creative society is absent, since the responsibility for society as a whole, its development, living conditions and harmonious format, lies with each Human.

Everyone has the right to participate in the management of the affairs of the Creative Society and in the adoption of laws aimed at improving Human life.

The solution of socially important, socially significant, and economic issues that affect the quality of a Human’s life is submitted for public discussion and voting (referendum).

Note to the 8 Pillars
In the Creative Society, thanks to the introduction of a new model of economy and new technologies, there will be no need to use money. Therefore, certain provisions of the 8 Pillars of the Creative Society, which proceed from the existence of monetary relations, will be relevant only in the transition period to the Creative Society.

What Does the Creative Society Provide for Every Person on the Planet?

The creative format of society opens up tremendous prospects and opportunities for every individual.
To ensure complete implementation of the Creative Society, it is necessary to introduce a new model of economy and new technologies, as well as to reorganize many processes in society. Therefore, a transition period to the Creative Society is needed, which may last 5 to 6 years according to preliminary estimations. Already during the transition period to the Creative Society, every person by birthright will receive the following benefits:
A monthly universal basic income equivalent to USD 10,000 for every adult;
A one-time payment equivalent to USD 100,000 upon the birth of the first child, USD 200,000 upon the birth of the second child, and so on. A monthly payment equivalent to USD 5,000 for every child up to 6 years old inclusive and USD 7,000 for a child from 7 years old to the age of majority;
Privately owned spacious and comfortable free housing with a minimum area of 650 square feet (60 square meters) per person;
High-quality healthcare worldwide, free of charge;
High-quality education anywhere in the world, free of charge;
Four-hour workdays, four workdays a week, with equally high salaries worldwide for identical positions, specialties, and professions. Paid vacations of no less than 30 calendar days at least twice a year;
A safe world without wars, conflicts, crime, and corruption;
Guaranteed economic stability: no inflation, economic defaults or crises; stable fixed prices worldwide;
No taxes for individuals, small and medium-sized businesses;
Unlimited use of utilities (gas, electricity, water, heating, etc.) for individuals, free of charge;
Cancellation of all debts and loans, including mortgages;
Visa-free travel and unrestricted movement worldwide;
Advancements in cutting-edge technologies that improve human life, accessible to everyone in any part of the world.

How will These Benefits be Provided in the Creative Society to Every Person on the Planet?

In the Creative Society, a high standard of living will be ensured for every person on the planet through a completely new model of economy that has no analogues in human history. This model has been developed and proposed by experts from around the world, and it will transform our lives from the very first day of its implementation.
You can familiarize yourselves with this model by watching a detailed video presentation publicly introduced at the International Forum “Global Crisis. There is a Way Out”

Considering that in the Creative Society many benefits are provided to a person by birthright, what is required from an individual?

In the Creative Society, a person receives numerous benefits and advantages. This necessitates active participation of every individual in societal activities through their labor, intellectual contribution, and talents. In the Creative Society, individuals develop themselves and bring benefit to the entire society as an integral part of it.
Active and responsible participation of individuals in managing societal affairs and adopting laws and decisions on important key issues of societal life is indispensable. This is because the Creative Society is the only societal format where authority is not delegated to anyone but is implemented by people themselves, by every individual worldwide through complete self-governance: collective decision-making on a single worldwide Electoral Platform.
Thus, in the Creative Society, there will be no concept of “power over people” since power will effectively belong to everyone. People themselves will collectively solve both global and local issues.

Why shouldn't the Creative Society format be compared to other models

which were implemented previously, and even to those which were developed theoretically, but not implemented? Because in all other models of social organization the power of a few over the majority of people was always preserved either in a hidden form or openly. Whereas in the Creative Society, no one will ever be able to usurp power or take it away from people because the function of power will be evenly distributed among all people via self-governance.

For more details on how self-governance will function in the Creative Society, watch the video that was presented at the International Forum “Global Crisis. There is a Way Out”:

How to Build the Creative Society Around the World in the Coming Years?

There is a concrete two-stage plan for building the Creative Society. Both stages of building the Creative Society are carried out in accordance with international norms and national legislation.
The Informing Stage
By exercising their rights and freedoms, people inform others about the Creative Society. In this way, a legitimate and peaceful public demand is created for building the Creative Society all over the world. The sooner the majority of people form this demand, the sooner it will be possible to move on to the next stage of building the Creative Society.
The Stage of Preparing and Conducting the World Referendum
Once the majority of people in all countries of the world support the Creative Society, a world referendum will be prepared and held to adopt the creative model of development as the only acceptable and necessary for the survival of humankind.
In preparation for the world referendum, the necessary legal and technical framework for its organization will be developed and adopted.

The following question will be submitted for voting at the world referendum:

do people support the transition of all humankind from the consumerist format of society to the creative one, and unification of all humankind into a single civilization — the Creative Society?

A positive decision will imply:

adoption of the 8 Pillars of the Creative Society as fundamental provisions of the world Constitution;

approval of a single worldwide Electoral Platform as the highest governing body on Earth;

appointment of the date of the beginning of the transition period to the Creative Society.

Once a positive decision is adopted at the world referendum, people will begin to implement their power directly, whereas politicians will become the implementers of people’s will. This means that the adoption of laws, the nomination, control, and recall of all implementers, as well as all other socially important decisions, will be made exclusively by the people themselves by voting on the single worldwide Electoral Platform. This platform is a legislative basis, meaning, the only source of mandatory statutes by which humankind will live.

What Can You Do to Start Living in the Creative Society as Soon as Possible?

Join millions of people around the world who already act and inform your community, acquaintances and strangers in a legitimate way about the Creative Society format. These actions are necessary to create a worldwide public demand for building the Creative Society. The faster the majority of people on the planet become aware that decent living conditions are possible for everyone, the sooner the world referendum will take place.

If at the world referendum the majority of people decide to change the format of society from consumerist to creative, in about 6 months the transition period to the Creative Society will begin, which, according to preliminary calculations, may take 5 to 6 years. Upon its completion, we will enter a new era of the Creative Society.

It is worth noting that many benefits and privileges will become available to people already from the first day of the transition period: everyone will get a safe, prosperous, and stable life in freedom.

How Can You Become a Participant
in the Creative Society Project?

If you share information about the Creative Society, even by simply communicating that the project exists, you are already a participant in it. If you support the project, you can use various methods of informing about the Creative Society, such as presented here:

Designs with the Creative Society logo:


Do You Want to Inform Everyone About the Creative Society Faster and More Efficiently, so that it Can Come Sooner?

Join the existing Coordination Centers in your region, or, if they do not exist yet, you can create one yourselves. This will ensure more effective informing and will lead to a quicker construction of the Creative Society.
Your Coordination Center means people who undertake the responsibility to inform the residents of your house, street, neighborhood, or city about the Creative Society and act on a volunteer basis, in accordance with local laws.
If you would like to join an existing Coordination Center or to let us know about opening a Coordination Center, please contact us at [email protected]

The Role of Politicians
in Building the Creative Society

Politicians, including members of political parties and leaders of countries, have significant opportunities to inform about the Creative Society due to their professional activities, positions, publicity and fame. The involvement of politicians in informing about the Creative Society will significantly accelerate the process of building the Creative Society.

Participants of the Creative Society project can use any lawful means to support those politicians who actively inform about the Creative Society.

It should be kept in mind that politicians who support the Creative Society and act as volunteers of the project, even if they have power, a support of the majority and a real capability to change the legislation, including the constitution of their country, are primarily obliged to defend the territorial integrity, sovereignty and interests of their country, the interests of its people, as well as of their party if they are elected as its representatives.

Moreover, politicians in their own country and in the international arena can use only lawful methods to inform about the Creative Society and contribute to its rapid construction. Based on the capabilities of their country, they can also incorporate certain pillars of the Creative Society into the national Constitution solely in a lawful way and with the support of people, but only if this does not harm people, their rights and freedoms; does not endanger or weaken the country economically, politically, socially, culturally or in any other way; does not destroy the state system or cause a loss of the country's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity; does not make the country less competitive, and does not lead it to other negative consequences.

These admonitions are due to the fact that such a country would continue to interact with other countries that remain in the consumerist format which is based on dishonest, aggressive, and militant policies. Thus, before the creative format of society is adopted at the world referendum, this country would not be able to ensure implementation even of the main pillar of the Creative Society — the value of human life. When introducing any changes, politicians are obliged to primarily take care of the welfare of their country and its citizens.

In turn, people who support the Creative Society should comply with the current laws of their country and not demand that politicians introduce the benefits of the Creative Society in their particular country if this may have negative consequences for people and the country as a whole. Complete implementation of all the pillars and benefits of the Creative Society is only possible after the decision on building the Creative Society is adopted at the world referendum.

What Other Benefits, Advantages, and Opportunities will Every Individual Receive in the Creative Society?

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