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Taiwan 2022. Powerful M6.9 Earthquake SEPTEMBER 17, 2022 Taiwan 2022. Powerful M6.9 Earthquake Taiwan 2022. Powerful M6.9 Earthquake Taiwan 2022. Powerful M6.9 Earthquake

Taiwan 2022. Powerful M6.9 Earthquake

SEPTEMBER 17, 2022

💥 TAIWAN: two powerful earthquakes and several aftershocks shook the southeast of the country. According to official data, the first shock had a magnitude of 6.5 and the second about 7. It was the second earthquake that caused a lot of trouble.

Watch the details in the new episode.

💥 THE EARTHQUAKE WITH HYPOCENTER OF ABOUT 10 KM left behind destroyed homes and community infrastructure. According to the Xinhua News Agency, there are injured people. A tsunami threat has been declared.

An earthquake was felt throughout the island. Extensive landslides came down in the mountainous areas, after which hundreds of people were trapped on the roads. A car with passengers fell off a collapsed bridge, several railroad cars with people on them derailed.

📍 A week ago, on September 11, a devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck Papua New Guinea.

And according to the USGS, in the first three weeks of September, the world has already recorded several earthquakes with a magnitude of about 7, which is alarming.

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