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The Inhale of the Earth. Where Does the Water Go?

June 4, 2022

In recent years, we have been witnessing with our own eyes how rapidly rivers and lakes on Earth start to become shallow. Bodies of water "melt" right before our eyes, significantly decreasing in size or disappearing altogether. People everywhere are trying to find the answer: what is the reason for such events? who is to blame? and how to fix this situation?

But today many people do not even imagine the scale of the impending disaster...

Lakes are drying up

In 2016, Bolivia's second largest lake, Lake Poopo, dried up. Back in April 2013 there was water in it, but three years later it had completely disappeared. For the locals, it was a tragedy and a messenger of a sad future.

Lake Poopo, dried up

In Chile, Lake Laguna de Aculeo, which was 6 meters deep, died. It dried up in 7 years and disappeared completely in 2019.

The same tendency is observed in California (the USA), where Lake Oroville, the second largest reservoir in the state, is drying up at a gigantic rate. Now the water in it has dropped to a record low level.

In Russia, not only has the water left Lake Peschera through a narrow hole in the bottom, but even the fish and all aquatic fauna have disappeared.

Rivers and waterfalls are drying up

The Paraná River, the second-longest in South America after the Amazon, is now at its lowest water level in 77 years.

The world-famous Indus River in Pakistan has almost dried up - the size of its delta shrunk by more than five times. Hundreds of people living near the river had to leave their homes. Several settlements along the coast were deserted.

Once the turbulent Slims River (Canada), which was about 3 meters deep, almost dried up in 2013, leaving a small footprint in the deepest parts of the body of water.

Today many rivers in America are also on the verge of drying up and disappearing, from mighty Colorado to the Gasconade.

the Amazon, is now at its lowest water level in 77 years

Argentina's Iguaçu Falls Complex (Brazil), nearly 3 kilometers wide and one of the largest in the world, has recently shrunk fivefold. Victoria Falls (Africa), the second most powerful waterfall after Iguaçu, was on the verge of completely drying up in 2019.
Пересыхающий водопад Игуасу (Аргентина)

There is no place on Earth today that has not been affected by this problem. We see the water receding on all continents. American scientists provide data that over the past 50 years, water levels in the world's largest rivers have significantly decreased. In China alone, more than 27,000 rivers have disappeared, which is almost 50% of the rivers of the entire country. Over the last 30 years more than 10 thousand rivers have dried up in Ukraine, wells are drying up on its territory. A quarter of the rivers and half of the small streams of England are under the threat of extinction. Due to water scarcity, India is facing a water crisis it has never known before.

Map of disappearing rivers

At the same time, on the one hand, rivers and bodies of water are disappearing all over the world, and on the other hand, the number and frequency of powerful destructive downpours is increasing everywhere. So what is happening on the planet?

Why and where does the water go?

Every 12 thousand years the Earth enters a cycle of planetary cataclysms when galactic interaction affects the core of the planet. The unbalanced core begins to "jump," the planet accelerates its rotation and expands along the equator. As a result of this process, micro-cracks form, through which water escapes from rivers and bodies of water to greater depths. This can be compared to the inhale that the planet takes in water from the surface. But after an inhale, an exhale follows...
Every 12 thousand years the Earth enters a cycle of planetary cataclysms

What will be "on the exhale"?

The acceleration of the planet affects its centrifugal force, resulting in magma rising to the surface of the Earth's crust and heating underground water. The confirmation of this fact can already be observed today: melting of glaciers from below upwards, heating of deep layers of the world ocean, boiling of water in wells. For example, in Western Siberia at a depth of one and a half kilometers an entire sea of hot water of a trillion cubic meters  "splashes", the one which is twice the volume of the Mediterranean Sea. Such bubbling-boiling "underground seas" are in many other regions of the planet. They will suffice for arranging another Biblical Flood.

When the magma reaches these enormous reserves, the water will begin to evaporate in an avalanche. It is frightening to imagine how much of it will come out of the ground when the planet exhales! This will result in incessant rainstorms that will cause catastrophic floods. We will be facing water rises of kilometers so that only the tops of the mountains will remain! And this happened to mankind before.

What's the solution?

Today, humanity's greatest and most ruthless enemy is the climate. It has long started a war, but not everyone understands and sees it because of our consumerism. We still have time to unite and save life on Earth. Only the Creative Society will help people cope with the impending cataclysms. By becoming a united front, we will unite the scientific and technical developments of modern scientists and put them to the defense of all mankind. Nothing is impossible for people united by one common goal - to live in the Creative Society!

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Comments (5)

  • eddie adelstein
    18.03.2023   |   20:17
    Its possible that the increased in sesmic activity is stressing railroad tracts and thus causing trains to come off their tracts. Something to think about eddie adelstein
  • Christian
    29.11.2022   |   19:11
    We need to help planet earth survive by not using the oil below the ground and stop gas ing the air with car plant more trees instead cutimg dem down switch to a better solution find out by learning more from other planets. research from the pyramids we're energy that keep water flow using electric that was past down generations long ago maybe if we use the power it can generate new power to revive earth atmosphere they left knowledge? Maybe in the books somewhere we can help stop the lake drying up cycle negative an positive carbohydrate and oxygen H2O 12 13 14 to help earth read more about volcano eruption as well maybe have a play in some way releasing earth oxygen from the core inhale and exhale
  • Dennis
    13.10.2022   |   06:27
    This was very informative. I suspected something like this was going on. Appreciate the truth. Sobered me up, big time. My internal voice tells me to clean up my thoughts, love others, be kind and on guard, and prepare to be judged by God's courts for life or death. As this info appears to be an extinction event for fleshly body's, to be reborn in a different body of light, for another round of life's amazement with our celestial family of God, in other DIMENSIONS. I need to quit cussing, abusing food, alcohol, cigarettes and moderation in all things. WOW.. I still can't believe this is really happening. Jesus is coming back- FINALLY....
  • Jamie
    09.10.2022   |   18:23
  • Edward Adelstein [email protected]
    09.08.2022   |   12:37
    When oil is taken f rom the earth, those spaces are filled with water. Oil is a better insulator than water and the 5000C heat source in the center of the earth is able to transfer more heat to the surface. It cannot be assumed that taking oil out of the earth is without consequences. It is possible that oil which some believed is produced around the area over the 760 mile nickel-iron spinning ball might deal with some of the frictional forces that are present. The argument that global heating is the result of 417 parts per million of
    Co2 can be questioned
    13.08.2022   |   11:22
    Thank you very much for your comment! Extracting oil does have an impact on the environment. It is important to understand that due to the acceleration of the planet and changes in centrifugal forces, magma is now rising from great depths. Its volume is so large that unfortunately all the effects of changes in thermal conductivity due to oil extraction no longer play a role. Magma with a temperature of 1000 ° C to 1200 ° C is already knocking on us from below from all the cracks.

    We fully agree with you that the effect of CO2 on the climate raises many questions. We believe that this gas has no effect on the climate at all, on the contrary, it is the result of heating of the ocean from below as a result of magma intrusion. We have a video about this on our page https://creativesociety.com/scientific-community
    eddie adelstein
    26.08.2022   |   15:04
    Our conclusions are similar, but the mechanisms differ. IN 2012 I wrote article in the local newspaper "Columbia Tribune' entitled "where does oil come from" and suggested that the center core might become unstable resulting in an increase in heat with more earth quakes. I recently wrote article " edward adelstein global warming. So like you I believe that global warming is coming from the heat generated from the core of the earth although I was not aware of the possibility that there could be a cycle where water is drawn into the earth. I still believe that the taking of oil and fracking might play a role in global warmingl. It is nice to know that I am not alone
    01.09.2022   |   07:48
    We are very glad too to have found like-minded people. We will be happy to meet you in an online meeting. If you are also interested in meeting our team, please send an email to [email protected] and we can arrange a meeting.
    Eddie Adelstein
    02.09.2022   |   15:35
    I will send an email to climat[email protected] society - Its nice to know that I am not alone - eddie