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An independent platform organized by volunteers of the Creative Society project from 180 countries with the support of scientists, researchers, professionals and experts in order to unite scientific potential with a single goal of identifying the true causes of climate change that are not related to human activity, searching for solutions, and providing the general public with truthful information about the processes taking place on the planet.
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Climate problems


The most important international problem of the 21st century is global climate change, which is reflected in the rapid growth of the dynamics of cataclysms in recent decades.
The anthropogenic factor has an impact on the ecological state of the planet, but its impact on the climate is insignificant. Misunderstanding of all factors and scales of influence of various cosmic and geological processes on global climate change results in the risk of underestimation of impending climate threats.
Global climate change on Earth is mainly a derivative of astronomical processes and their cyclicity. This cyclicity is inevitable. The geological history of our planet shows that the Earth has repeatedly experienced similar phases of global climate change and geodynamics.
Climate problems


Identification of impacts and processes that form cyclic planetary cataclysms in order to search for adaptive mechanisms and prevent the global threat of irreversible changes in climate and geodynamics in order to save billions of human lives.


Identification of patterns, relationships, sequence of processes in various spheres of the Earth during global cataclysms caused by astronomical cyclicity
Detection of climate change markers of previous cycles
Establishing the conditions our planet went through in previous eras of cyclic climatic cataclysms
Risk assessment and forecasting of future changes in climate and geodynamics based on the information received about previous cyclical cataclysms
Creation of conditions for organizing timely warning of natural disasters for the population located in hazard areas
Search for adaptation mechanisms to prevent a global catastrophe


Atmospheric physics
Impact of climate change on ecosystems and human health
Methods for predicting cataclysms
Atmospheric chemistry
Stratigraphy of quaternary deposits
Physics of the Earth
Particle physics
Solar physics
Neutrino astrophysics
Planetary climatology
Celestial mechanics and much more


all interested scientists, researchers and specialists in the field of data analysis and statistics, regardless of the area of expertise.
Join the scientific community


The most common misconception that humans affect the climate hinders the development of branches of science that study the true causes of changes occurring in all the spheres of the Earth. Therefore, in order to unite the scientific potential, the participation of all honest scientists and socially active people is vital. This way we can find solutions and prevent a global threat. The responsibility for the survival of all humankind rests with each individual.

Specialists of various fields of work, scientists, researchers, students or graduates of specialized universities on the topics indicated above. A wide spectrum of research involves diverse tasks, and the help of each person is in demand. Climate and geodynamics change is a problem affecting every person on the planet, so this initiative is implemented by all people, regardless of their area of expertise.

The project is not commercial and does not aim to make money. All activities are fully organized by socially active people and specialists from all over the world on their own initiative, with their own efforts and resources in their free time, and are aimed at saving billions of human lives. No membership fee is required.

Preventing climate threats to the survival of billions of people is a top priority. Therefore, at the transitional stage as well as in the Creative Society, these priority areas in science will receive unlimited funding and support from the whole society.

The direction and extent of your participation depends only on your desire and ability to contribute to the achievement of the common goal. You can help in highlighting the true causes of climate change: expressing your opinion in interviews, participating in live broadcasts and round tables, spreading information among your colleagues and other specialists. Or it can be participation in a research: advisory assistance, exchange of experience and materials, active participation in the analysis of data, literature, or writing articles. In the future, as the platform develops and the scientific potential is united, we plan to expand the profile of tasks, to search for technical and engineering solutions, and to study deeper processes and interconnections. We welcome any of your initiatives and proposals on the form of participation.

The responsibility for choosing priority areas lies entirely with each researcher, scientist, or specialist who has made a decision to contribute to the achievement of the common goal. Only you decide in which subject you want to reveal your scientific potential, based on an understanding of the common goal.

The time of participation depends entirely on your desire and ability to delve into the project and pay attention to it. There are no time limits. This can be a short-term communication initiated by you, or more regular interaction with the team at a convenient time for you.

The goals and objectives are dictated by the realities of climate and geodynamics change, the growth of natural disasters not related to human activity. According to the Pillars of the Creative Society, the responsibility for ensuring safety and for saving the lives of all people lies with each person. Human Life is of the highest value.

Join the scientific community

If you would like to participate, to ask a question, or to share information, please email [email protected] or use the feedback form: