1. Implementation of Human Rights and Freedoms

Individuals participating in the Creative Society project on a voluntary basis exercise their rights, including:

  • the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law;
  • the right to freedom of opinion and expression;
  • the right to freedom of speech;
  • the right to freedom of association (unity) with others;
  • the right of peaceful assembly;
  • the right to freedom from discrimination;
  • the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits;
  • the right to development;
  • the right to a social and international order in which rights and freedoms can be fully realized.
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2. The Development of Society Is a Right and Duty of Every Individual

Since every individual must be an active participant in the development process, the activities of participants of the Creative Society project are directed not only towards realizing their rights and freedoms but also towards fulfilling responsibilities to society in maintaining and protecting the order necessary for the realization of the economic, social, political, and cultural rights of all individuals.

Thus, by embodying the Creative Society, we fulfill our rights and responsibilities for the development of society, without which the complete realization of all human rights and freedoms is impossible.

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Every person on the planet has the right to:

Know about the existence of the Creative Society project, which provides the way out from the global crisis and allows for the complete realization of the rights and freedoms of every person in the world;
Seek, receive, and have at their disposal information about the Creative Society project in any form and from any sources of information: the Internet, social networks, mass media, personal communication, etc., and have access to such information;
Having received information about the Creative Society project, form an opinion about it and adhere to it;
Be protected from physical, psychological, or any other pressure (influence) with the aim of changing their opinion;
Freely disseminate information about the Creative Society through any lawful and peaceful means, including through the use of information and communications networks – the Internet.
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The right of peaceful assembly plays a pivotal role in providing participants of the Creative Society project the opportunity to gather peacefully and disseminate information about the project, allowing others to familiarize themselves with it, express their opinions, and join if desired. Moreover, the right of peaceful assembly serves as a valuable instrument utilized by participants of the Creative Society project to recognize and implement a wide range of other rights, including economic, social, and cultural rights.

Therefore, volunteers of the Creative Society project, in exercising their right of peaceful assembly, organize meetings, congresses, events, forums, and conferences both locally and on the Internet.

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5. Legal Foundations for the Association of People to Participate in the Creative Society Project

Participants of the Creative Society project have the right to:

associate with individuals both within their own country and with people from other countries to implement the project;
associate to form Coordination Centers at the local, national, and international levels to coordinate their actions and more effectively inform people about the project;
associate to form various groups, including online (create and participate in groups on various social media platforms, establish online radio and internet channels on various platforms, etc.) to disseminate information about the Creative Society project and organize various events for its implementation;
associate and establish various non-governmental, non-profit organizations, etc. in their own country for broader interaction with government authorities, public organizations, the public, business, etc.
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