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Global Crisis There is a Way Out

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April 22, 2023 | 15:00 GMT
Much of what we predicted is already happening now
What makes this event unique?
  • We tell the truth that is concealed from people. We are independent volunteer researchers from 180 countries.
  • We conduct interdisciplinary research that no other institute or organization in the world can handle.
  • All natural disasters that are now taking place entirely confirm the accuracy of our mathematical model, the results of which we made public previously. At this forum, you will learn what events will occur before the year 2036.
  • We still have a chance to survive, but in order to use this chance, everyone has to know about it. That is why we are organizing this forum. Today, our common future depends on everyone's choice, and this choice is simple: to preserve life on Earth or not.
  • This Forum is the opportunity to understand what YOU can do to save humanity. If you choose life, including your own, join the forum “Global Crisis. There is a Way Out”.
27 years
of interdisciplinary research
languages of simultaneous interpreting
global forums held
expert speakers from various fields
hours of online broadcasting
Trailer of the online forum “Global Crisis. There is a Way Out”
Key Topics of the Forum
All climate disasters are occurring according to our mathematical model. What awaits us in the coming years?
Scientific facts about the cause of Mars' demise. Why might the Earth perish in the next 14 years for the same reason?
Reasons for the forthcoming crash of the world economy and collapse of our comfortable life in the next few years
The growing energy crisis. The truth about its consequences
What is really happening to the Earth's core? True causes of the climate crisis.
Threat of the Yellowstone eruption. What signs of the supervolcano activation are seismologists and volcanologists concealing from us?
What threats will the development of artificial intelligence lead to in the current consumerist format of society?
Threat of looming destruction of humanity and the entire planet by 2036
If you would like to participate, become a volunteer, or ask a question, please email us at [email protected] or fill in the feedback form
To our regret, over 27 years of research, we have never made a single mistake in our forecasts. Currently, every passing day only confirms the accuracy of our mathematical model. The climate cerberus is gaining strength with each passing moment. It is obvious that if we do not take action, all of humanity will perish.
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On April 22nd, 2023, at the forum “Global Crisis. There is a Way Out”, we will reveal in detail what everyone can do to prevent a global catastrophe. Be part of the solution! The world's destiny is in your hands right now. Join us and tell everyone about this event!