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What do 99% of people around the world want?
We live in unique times when everyone has the opportunity to witness how religions have been purified by people, and the Truth brought by the prophets has been restored in its purity. This happened on March 20, 2021 at the global conference “Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of.” This unique event was momentous for the entire humanity.

Significance of the Conference

The international conference was organised by people from all over the world and simultaneously interpreted into more than 45 languages, including sign language. It was live broadcast on thousands of online platforms in different countries, on various TV channels, and on all social media. Thanks to the people who in their free time did their best to organise and run the conference, millions of people around the world saw the real power of bringing people together. And everyone who now understands the importance of this event can share information about the conference and take part in conveying the Truth to the entire world - that God is one and the Truth is one for all.

During the last 6000 years, humanity has persisted in a consumerist format, and so the Truth has been distorted for the benefit of less than one percent and hidden from 99 percent of people. Distorting the Truth given by the prophets, those who sought power established religious organizations to enslave people and control their lives. As a result, people have forgotten over time the words of the prophets that there can be no intermediaries between God and man, that God should not be feared but should be loved.

During the conference, examples were presented of how different religions have interpreted the one Truth for the benefit of few individuals. Representatives of different religions, scientists, and researchers revealed the denouncing truth about Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. They reminded all people that God is above all religions and we, humanity, need to stop listening to those who call themselves intermediaries between God and man. It is time to recall the covenants of our prophets.

ლესლი მაგნუმი
Participant of the CREATIVE SOCIETY project (USA)

If at least one religion had kept the teachings of its prophet pure, we would now live in a completely different world, we would not be fixated on ourselves, we would not be divided, we would not fight for the epithets of the same God and would not experience crises: neither economic, nor even more so spiritual. We would now, and this is not a joke, we would now explore other galaxies.

Amir Khan
TV presenter, Sports analyst, Consultant, Actor, Marketing specialist, International coach, Entrepreneur, Life coach (Pakistan)

Today, people from all over the world will voice the facts about the distortion of the Truth, and will restore the Truth given by the prophets in its purity! We, people of the world, will voice thе words of the prophets, because the world demands to hear the Truth without distortion. Today is the day the Prophets talked about.

Robert Mikita
Entrepreneur (Slovakia)

Why do religious leaders forget that their responsibility is to bring Jesus’ words to people without distortion? And themselves be an example of how to follow his covenants. Yet what do we see? We are taught that we are to fear God, and not love Him. Is that what Jesus taught? People are not slaves and should not fear God, but maybe intermediaries want us to be afraid of them and be their slaves?

But people are born equal and free. We have the right to make our choice as free human beings.

Irina Simons
Art Historian MA, Founder at “League of Sound” (The Netherlands)

If we look at Tibet and Buddhism in general, it all turned into a fashionable attraction, a “spiritual” tourist attraction, a merchandise offered and bought for money. Shakyamuni Buddha himself, foreseeing the hard times (which we are living in now), mentioned the future decline of his Teaching.

Dr. Sarah Umer
Associate Professor of Arts Department of Graphic Design, University College of Arts and Design, Doctor of Philosophy, University of the Punjab (Pakistan)

You know, we can see it today when a lot of religions have been manipulated, even Muslim teachings have been manipulated.

And obviously, Muslim priest did all that manipulating things. Like, the Hindu priest did, like the Christian priest did, like, the Jewish priest did. But that is because you do not have first-hand knowledge of the stuff.

And you manipulate the masses, because when they have not read it themselves, you can manipulate them...

And this can only be stopped if you get them a chance to gain the right knowledge.

Gerald Auger
Indigenous Relations Consultant, Producer, National Native Role Model, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker (Canada)

We are living in time of great change as the ancestors has prophesied about this time that the world will be going through a mass spiritual awakening.

The Creator loved us enough to grant us free will. We are free to make choices, but we're not free from the consequences. Natural law exists for a reason. If you do good things good things will come. If you do bad things bad things will come.

Riah Abu El-Assal
The thirteenth Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem and head of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East (Israel)

I address you, not only as a member of the church and as a bishop of the Anglican Church in Jerusalem, in the Middle East, the 13th Anglican bishop, I address you also as an Arab, Palestinian, Christian, Anglican Israeli.

God is beyond religion.

God is the depth of my being. God is the depth of your being. We’ve been all created in the beautiful image of almighty God, and we have been entitled with this mission to preserve and continue to beautify the image that God created in each. And everyone of us irrespective of our color, of our creed, of our sex, of our gender, of our nationality. And each one of us has a little speck of that Holy Spirit of almighty God. As long as people continue to stick to the letter rather than to the Spirit of that, which is mentioned in our religious books, there is no hope for humanity.

Alexander Khakimov
Chaitanya Chandra Charan Das. Religious figure and preacher of Vaishnavism, guru and member of the Board of Management of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), artist, writer

My appeal is not to wait for new prophets, but turn our faces to those prophets who came to us. There are prophets already.

For Christians it is Jesus, for Muslims it is Prophet Muhammed, for Gaudiya Vaishnavas it is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, for Buddhists it is Buddha. Make your choice, just turn your face to the prophet…

Let's turn our faces to the prophets, let's take our minds off our confessions a little bit, let's take our minds off our climatic conditions and let's turn to the spiritual side, because God is not a Muslim, not a Christian, not a Hindu, He is spiritual, absolutely spiritual, He is the same for all like the Sun.

The end times

Another very important topic that was discussed on March 20th is the end times and the prophecies mentioning them in various holy scriptures. Clear evidence was presented that the prophecies are coming true and that we are those people who must make the decisive choice determining if these times will be the last times or a new beginning for our civilisation.

Robert Mikita
Entrepreneur (Slovakia)

Don’t we, watching what is happening to our world, realize what period of time we live in? Everyone understands that but does nothing…

And what are we waiting for? So that the priests will tell us “everything will be okay” and politicians will confirm that. Who is in doubt, just look at what is happening to the climate, the economy, is the friendship between countries getting better? Don’t we see where everything is heading towards?

That is why, there is no point in the consumer format that exists now.

Yuriy Nekrasov
Participant of the Creative Society project

We are the ones who support conditions of the consumerist format with our choice, which make all the animal manifestations in a human possible. This is our responsibility.

We invite you to think about why at different times, the Prophets left us messages about the Judgment Hour. After all, their message reached us through thousands of years! Why were they warning us about this? Could the Prophets be wrong, and all this is not about us? No. I am sure that they were warning specifically us - those who are living on Earth now.

Elizaveta Khromova
Geologist - geophysicist

BUT ALL PROPHECIES are Dual! And this is only one of the two scenarios of how events might unfold. Do we want the Doomsday scenario to come true? No! Then everything is in our hands. And today you will hear about how we can implement the second scenario, which the prophets also spoke about. It is our responsibility to make a choice between these two paths. Let’s make the right choice.

Today, everyone is a chosen one

All the prophets bequeathed us to love God and to love one another, they bequeathed us to build a society where everyone's life is valuable, where all people live in peace and safety. And today, millions of people around the world can already see the truth and no longer believe those who have vested themselves with power. Humankind is ready to unite and build the Creative Society that our Prophets dreamed of.

This conference was a historic event because it was predicted by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) in one of the Hadiths, that exists only in Arabic. The Messenger of Allah said:

“[It will be] a call from heaven to the peoples of the world that they will all hear. The call to the peoples of every language in their own language, strong, deep and tender, coming from the sky and from every direction. So that there will be none asleep until they wake up, and everyone would rise. And people upon hearing this call will go out of their homes to see what this news is. This call is for them to put an end to injustice, disbelief, conflict and bloodshed, and to follow Imam Al-Mahdi, peace be upon him, and call him by his name and the name of his father!”

Daulet Ibragim
Participant of the CREATIVE SOCIETY project (Kazakhstan)

Indeed, Imam Mahdi will not come with violence; he will come with God's Love. He will bring people a wise understanding of the essence of all religions. And the awakened people, inspired and united by this Knowledge will spread It so that all humankind can unite into one family.

All Prophets said that in the end times, there will be people who will be helping the One who will come by the Will of the Almighty.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, we must not forget that we all have One Allah, and we are all His creations. And we are all brothers and sisters, and we are all chosen to do what our Prophets dreamed of - we must build the Creative Society if we really love Allah the Almighty and honor His Messengers! There is a reason why we are honored to live during the same time as Imam Mahdi!

Arman Bukeyev

During the times of the Prophet, not everyone understood his message. Because His message was specifically for us, for people living today. It is us who are responsible, all of us are chosen! He said it specifically to us. He knew that everything would change. He knew that today, on March 20th, so many years after his departure to Allah, he knew what would be happening now. That day has come. The day when people from all over the world speak the truth. It is a denouncing truth. Indeed, as the Prophet said, there is a call for people to "put an end to injustice, unbelief, conflict, and bloodshed and to follow the Truth.

The times we now live in have been mentioned in various religions; all our prophets have spoken of them. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers dreamed of living to see this day. But it is us who are living during this time. It is the first time in the history of humanity. This is the day that our Prophet foretold!

We, people from all over the world, have fulfilled this prophecy! The conference was broadcast live on the Internet in over 45 languages. And every person on the planet had an opportunity to hear the call, to turn to our prophets and to unite in building a Creative Society.

Today, everyone is a chosen one because the future of our civilisation depends on the choice of every person living now!