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To change the world we need to develop our best human qualities

The Michigan residents took part in a social survey in which we are asking people from different countries all over the world for their opinions on how the Creative Society can be build and how do they envision such kind of the society, what each of us can do for this?

Some of them think that in order to build such a society, people first of all should unite on the basis of some common values. Others shared their opinion that in this process, one of the key things is to encourage people to develop their best human qualities.In addition, the respect of each other as well as the respect of each other's opinions play a key role in building the Creative Society.

Constructive and happy society is the one where there is no stress. It is the community where people can work together and where constructive communication is appreciated by everyone.

Every one of us has own opinion and sometimes they can differ, but if all the people who have different skills, experience and ideas came together and mutually figured out a solution everybody would be happy.