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In the online studio of ALLATRA TV we are meeting with Puja Talesara Bhandari - a solution architect, Leadership Coach at Rewire with Nick. She helps people to unleash their potential and to look within themselves, to find solutions and then design their own life. Puja said that the first step in designing your life and self-awareness is to take actions, to move forward, do something right in order to make some changes in life. 

We ask Puja how she sees a world where every person and all people are happy and how she envisions the creative society. 

“Creative society for me is when I’m a part of a solution, I’m looking towards solutions and I have the learner mindset. I’m curious to learn things. I have a childlike spirit in me to learn and I feel moving forward, childlike enthusiasm. Inclusive society. We are helping each other and together want to progress.”

We ask her how to be a real Human and Puja said it’s when “you have a clear vision in your head; my heart has determination which fills me to achieve that vision; and we are all healthy. When you are aligned within yourself, you can really achieve that human connection.”