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Society where everybody is caring for each other

Thanks to the theory of six handshakes, we are visiting different countries online. And in this video you will see beautiful India. During this broadcast we have talk about traditions, culture and we asked people in India how do they see a creative society

We have learnt about such an interesting holiday as Diwali. The main idea of this holiday is to celebrate the victory of good forces over the dark ones. We decided to ask our friends from India what this holiday means to them?

“It's a time, when everybody unites, when families and people get together. It’s a blessed day and really great time. It's a beautiful example of how people belonging to different religions and traditions are still celebrating holidays together. Everyone is coming to each other’s house to visit and it’s really nice feeling of a family who is all around you, all people. And whoever you are meeting, everyone is wishing you a happy Diwali and this celebration unites everyone”.  

We have asked our guests in what kind of society they would like to live and how they see this creative society.

Оur guests believe that a moral code is needed according to which we all should live by, that is really important. They also think that the way we communicate with other people is very important. When you are in a peaceful, happy mood then you are also sharing it with your neighbours. In fact, all people are open to each other. Everybody cares for each other. 

You can find out more about beautiful India in this video.