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Role and mission of women in a creative society

Live Conversation with Dr. Nicole Steele on ALLATRA TV. Joining our live broadcast today is Dr. Nicole Steele, the Founder and Executive Director of Diamond In The Rough Youth Development Program, Inc. and President of Gem Makers, LLC. How the true passion of one person can change the lives of hundreds of people for the better.

Dr. Nicole Steele shares how true desire to help people, to change someone’s life for the better can become a plan, then an action and then a wonderful mission of the entire life.

All people from all over the world want to live in a creative society. In a world of joy and friendship, in a world where all people are one big family. All of us can use our talents to create a tremendously good and marvelous society. And this big jump to a new future starts from our small dreams. Then actions.

From a young age, girls have a desire to take care of others. And it is very important to keep this desire and develop it to real actions or a lifestyle. And one of the first steps to a new society is to use your voice and talk about it. And women all over the world can start talking about love, life, care. After all, women have a lot to say!

Basic fundamental condition of humanity and creative society is taking care of each other. And this is universal, whether for women or for men.And the media is one of the major instruments in this task. Media should understand their responsibility to all humanity. Worldwide standards should be based on humanity, kindness, friendship and taking care of each other. It’s extremely important to start thinking about what society you want to live in. The next step is to make this creative society a reality for all people in the world.