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Executive Leadership Coach, Forbes Council - Patrick Veroneau talks on leadership, success, and society we all can live in

Patrick Veroneau, MS Leadership/Team Development - Lead Like No Other Podcast - Emery Leadership Group - Forbes Council - Harvard Business Review Advisory Council on Live Conversation. Patrick's business is to help people become good leaders. He describes his view on leadership with John Quincy Adams’ quote "If your actions inspire somebody to dream more, to do more, to learn more or become more - you're a leader". The main quality of a leader is his actions that inspire.

Patrick also shares that listening is one of the most important skills; it's a "superpower" in human relationships in all spheres.

And that's not all the tips the Leadership Coach shares! Next one is doing for someone else. It makes you feel good and makes the other person feel good. And what does the other person do? He does something good for someone else; he passes it on. So you start a chain reaction.

And when talking about creative society, a flourishing society, Patrick says: “We should realise how much we really need each other.” And at this point effective formula sounds like 'I'm not looking for what's best for me, I'm looking for what's best for us".

Answering the question as to why we still don’t live in a society where every person is happy and what we need to do in order to change that, Patrick says: “I think the problem is that too many people forget to build and we're only looking to take. Living in that kind of society, it's hard to do for others when you feel that everybody is just taking for themselves. The only way to change is by taking control over my stuff first. And that can create the ripple effect.” Patrick believes that it's important to talk to others about Creative Society. It's already a step forward. All of us who want to see this kind of change are already involved in such movement right now.

Live Conversation is based on the Theory of 6 Handshakes, and is an initiative of people who aim to meet the whole world online. At the end of the broadcast, each guest names a person from anyas to who he'd like to meet during the next broadcast of Live Conversation.

So, who's the person Patrick wants to meet during the next broadcast? It is Les Brown, the motivational speaker. Let's see how much time it will take for this video to reach Les Brown. Share this video so it can reach Les, use #creativesociety and #allatraunites hashtags to track its progress. Let's test the 6 Handshakes principle!