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Ms. Suchi: “Happiness is your choice”

Live Conversation with a special guest from Singapore — Ms. Suchi. She is a laughter coach, global speaker, author of the “CODE TO HAPPINESS” and an inspirational person.

Ms. Suchi told us how she became a laughter coach and what real happiness is for her, “Happiness is an inside job. Happiness can not be found in external, material things.”

Her works are about empowering people where they really take charge of their happiness, they do not give the keys to their happiness to someone else. Ms. Suchi also adds that in her work she sees that people want to create a better society — creative society, where everyone is happy.

— You can be happy at all times, literally. It's your choice. We need to stop blaming other people. We can take the responsibility for being happy and then spread happiness around, so the world will be a better place.

This conversation included Ms.Suchi’s book. She also gave her list of happiness and thankfulness, and told how gratitude affects our lives. By choosing the right words and positive language, we can change our life.

And we asked Ms. Suchi how she envisions a creative, constructive society where everybody's happy.

—It's good to keep emotions in check, your emotional health. What am I feeling right now? Why am I feeling this and what can I do to fix it? Stop complaining. I would like everyone to be happy, to be very content, to be satisfied, spread humanity and peace around the world.

We thank Ms. Suchi for her good mood, interesting conversation and her understanding of a creative society. Watch the full version of the interview in this video.