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6 Degrees of Connection. Kenya, Morocco, Ethiopia and Ukraine about Creative Society

How do we see creative society and how do we build it? What if humanity still has a chance to build a global society of peace and wellbeing? What kind of society would you like to live in?

These are some of the questions brought up in this online meeting of three different people from distant countries sharing their views on a creative society they would like to live in.

Hamza Guessous from Morocco, James Poe Mbugua from Kenya and Awol Yakut from Ethiopia are talking about education, economic boundaries, redistribution of wealth, shift of values with the corona virus spreading around the world and many other things that should be considered when talking about ways of changing the consumer format of the nowadays global society towards the creative one.

“Share your wealth as much as you can and see what it brings you. Will it make you happy?” - that’s where Hamza Guessous from Morocco suggests to start if you, yourself, want to start making a change. He also underlines the balance between our wants and needs and claims we are all linked by the moral values which are very deep in us.

“If we remove that element of greed and put it aside, then everything else would be normal” - this is what could help change our society for the better, according to James Poe Mbugua from Kenya.

While Awol Yakut from Ethiopia suggests that everyone should start working on themselves, change themselves for the better and inspire others to do so. Among other topics also brought up in this live conversation were the social media, time, finances, personal achievements and national traditions. Answering the question about which of their countries’ traditions they would like to bring to the creative society, all three of the interviewees mentioned those traditions which unite people. You’ll be surprised how beautiful some of these traditions are.