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Japan — the land of the rising sun

How do we all see the happy future for all the people? ALLATRA IPM participants decided to find out it with the help of the rule of six handshakes. According to this theory all the people around the world are socially connected by 5 common friends. With the help of this theory we are trying to get to know how everyone envisions the Creative Society and to spread this idea further. For this we meet people from different countries online. They introduce to us the history, culture and interesting facts of their country and share with us their opinion on how to build the Creative Society. This time we welcome you to visit Japan.

Japan is a very beautiful ancient country which plays a very important role in the modern world. Did you know that the words «emoji» and «Hawai» came from the Japanese language?

If we are talking about Creative Society, we want to live in peace and an equal world. And one of the instruments for building such a society is education. Free and equal quality education all over the world is one of the fundamental bricks of Creative Society.

If all people on Earth have free and quality medicine and education, then we can live in a fair and equal society without borders and separations.