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If you want to live in peace, you should share your best with the world

Today our guest is Dr. Tariq H. Cheema from Farmington Hills, Michigan. Our guest is a social innovator & philanthropist. Dr. Cheema tells us how he became a philanthropist and how he implements his aspiration to bring better to the world.


We ask Dr. Cheema his opinion about what kind of social changes and social innovations our society needs?

Dr. Cheema: Humanitarian sector should be a bold enough not just to brag about their success rate, but also have enough courage to admit when things are not going so well. If we have that courage, and we admit our failures, that will lead to this process when we can put your hands together, think about other ways. And then continue making that difference in people's lives but the better and more efficient way.


We ask our guest how he envisions a creative society?

 Dr. Cheema shared that for him it is society where we live in harmony. It starts from your own self. Dr. Cheema shared that he believes that the major challenge and major obstruction is within our own self. We should respect everybody for being human.
“If you want to live happily, if you want to live in peace it's about sharing with the world. It is not about ruling the world. It has to begin by sharing with people.”