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How people in Sweden envision a creative society

Today, we have residents of beautiful Sweden with us. They are John from Stockholm and Marina from Höllviken. The guests talk about Sweden and discuss what they value the most there - the peaceful, secure and relaxed atmosphere, excellent infrastructure, the beautiful people that always consider how their actions affect others, and the equality among them. John and Marina talk about traditions of this northern country, its architecture, and about such ancient architecture as the Swedish Stonehenge! Such topics as enjoyment of life and happiness are also a part of this conversation.

Marina shares her ideas about the character of Swedish people when talking about sports and the attitude people have towards it, even professional athletes. Marina says, “My son plays football. And this is what they teach him, “We are here to play, to enjoy, to exercise, to be outside, to be with your friends.” And it doesn't matter if you win or not. They teach players to respect each other, to really work as a team, to help each other. The goal is to do good but collaboration, this is the main thing there.”

And John, as a person who’s travelled a lot, says that in his opinion, the most important thing for all people, regardless of their nationality, social status, and place of living is respect for other people, this is the necessary condition to humane cooperation. 

Marina, the co-host of this broadcast adds, “Even if we speak different languages or if we speak the same language but with different accents, we still have the same goal - we all would like to be happy, to have joy in our lives. And that's why it is so important to get this idea to every person on earth, that right now we have such an opportunity to share our vision about society, about the world, how we would like to see it right now.”

Marina from Höllviken shares her vision of society she would like to live in. She says that it is a society where people are happy, they are safe and can do things they would like to do. She adds that, of course, there should be free and high-quality education and healthcare, so that all people can feel comfortable and have all their basic needs covered. She summes up that it`s comfortable society, where you have time to do what you like.

John, who is also a book writer, shares his view of how he sees literature in a creative society. He thinks that it would be great if books opened windows for readers, and helped a person understand himself. He is sure that books can bring people new ideas of creativity. As for social media and movies in a creative society, John shares that he would have liked it if movies were more like creative books.