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Guatemala. The country of flowers, volcanoes and pyramids

Using the rule of Six Handshakes, every day we are meeting more and more people from different countries.

Today we’re traveling to Guatemala. The country of volcanoes, pyramids and flowers. The symbol of Guatemala is a white orchid. 

It's an amazing country with very comfortable and warm climate with mostly sunny days. Here you will find the Caribbean Sea in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the south, three dozens of volcanoes, and old cities with colonial architecture.

People in Guatemala are very creative and call themselves “rich poors”.

In this video Rita from Guatemala shares her vision of a creative society where all people can live comfortably. Creative society is a society of happy people, a world where you can be free and enjoy life, this is a world full of nice and friendly people. Everybody wants to live in a fair and safe world, where everybody has the same standard of living, shares all resources and goods. Sharing is a part of human nature, it gives synergy and helps to develop and spread good.

If we move from negativity to sharing, it will be the first step towards building a creative society.