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If everyone in the world tries to be better, it will be a great place where we would share our successes

Today here with us in live conversation we have Zee Shami, owner of ZeeTheCook Culinary Studio in Dearborn Heights. Also our guest is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur.

During this live broadcast she shared that the concept behind her business is not just cooking or baking but more about bringing people together and creating a safe, positive, happy and friendly environment. Zee mentioned that it is exactly her goal for which cooking and baking are just tools.

Zee Shami describes how she started to realize that she really loves helping people, being there for people and making them happy.

To the question in what kind of society she would like to live in and what we need to do differently in order to make the world better, Zee Shami answered, “I think that the world will be a better place if each person lives her life in a positive way and does what she can in order to be a good human being. Also, I think that it is more important that everyone focuses on their own growth and their journey to be the best they can be. If everyone in the world does that, this will be a great place where we would share our successes.