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In all situations, always be kind. Genie (Philippines) Survey on Creative Society

Genie from the Philippines shares her vision of a happy society as she remembers it from her childhood. To her, being happy means staying together, keeping the family close. She grew up in a household where the parents, grandparents and children lived together. They shared their meals, chores and happy times as well as the sad ones. And that’s what kept them together, that's what made them happy. Genie also believes that free education and healthcare are the essential parts of the creative society. Education is necessary for people to empower them to make informed decisions while available healthcare keeps everyone worry free. Genie also adds that creative society starts with you and before making any assumptions, one must learn to understand the other and have the kind mindset. Love and kindness is what we have in common and we should always be sharing it with each other.

Reporter: In which society you, your family and relatives would feel happy? Can you describe such society?

Genie: Well, in my society, that I grew up where... is that, you know, it's really a close-knit family... So we live with our parents. We used to... regardless of age, even if you're married... We're used to live within our parents, or just another house within one compound and we really stick together. So it's very rare that when you grow up... just like in the US….. that when you reach the age of eighteen, you leave and... on a separate house, far from your parents and do it on your own. In my country, in Philippines, we live together regardless of age. Even if you're old, your parents are still your guidance.

Reporter: You try to be united…

Genie: That's right, yes! So, that's the type of society that we want to live in. That you're not on your own. You cannot live on your own.

Reporter: United Society!

Genie: Yes, that's it! United Society.

Reporter: How do you imagine in such society healthcare and education would be like?

Genie: Well, it is important that everybody’s educated because it's easy to fool people, you know. Just like now. Everybody have access to the Internet and everyone can be given fake news. Right? So it is important that everyone is educated so they can filter what's right and wrong.
For health, it is the right of each and every people to have that capacity to be assisted when it comes to health. Well, for us, let's say you were educated, we have our jobs. So it's easy for us, it's not a problem if there's someone sick in the family. We can just go ahead and sell it because we have health cards. But for most of the people... that are in our country, you know, they cannot send their families to the hospitals because they cannot pay it. So they cannot even visit doctor.

Reporter: So you’re saying that the healthcare should be affordable to everyone, should be free.

Genie: Yes, it should be free and affordable. Free actually! Yeah, depending on the capability of the person. So it should be open. In my country I'm expecting... You know, we're paying high taxes. It's really high. So I'm expecting that taxes should go to those poor people who cannot afford.

Reporter: Can you imagine such society where everyone works 4 hours a day and 4 days a week, and has enough of money for their family? And has two paid vacations a year with all benefits? And has free healthcare and education?

Genie: That's the wish, right? yes actually… Well, it’s so… It happened that in the company that I work with, we’re privileged. So, we have free healthcare for me and my family. We have enough vacation leaves. So, it's a global company who really takes care of their employees. So, that's good. But yes, most of the other companies, I'm sorry, but yeah... It's not fair. So you have to work in order for you... You have to work double the hours in order for you to get that amount of money for you to support your family, that's one. Second, there are no benefits. So like the Social Security for the rest. I'm not sure with the other countries, right? They don't even have, you know, medical benefits. So if they're sick... So imagine you can’t go to work, because you're sick. And you can’t even send yourself to the hospital, because it's not enough, right?

Reporter: So, it would be well, if everyone could…

Genie: Yes, imagine if those... yes, if those money that goes... I mean, you know, the taxes goes to the proper channels? Imagine there will be no poor people, there will be no unfair. Everyone is equal to experience how it is to live here.

Reporter: What would you add to what we've already discussed? Which aspects do you see in the society where everyone is happy, in creative and constructive society?

Genie: You should be able to to be open and be patient, and try to understand, first. So before you make assumptions, it should start from each and every one of us, yes.

Reporter: So you say that every person should treat another person with respect and equality?

Genie: With kindness, respect and kindness, yeah. If you want, yeah! Just like karma to others, right? What you give is what you get. So there... So always, always be kind. In all situation — always be kind.

Reporter: On the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement we conduct conferences and discuss these topics: how can every person in the world feel happy, what each of us can do to create such a society. And how do you think, how we should spread this knowledge further, what we should do, so all people would know about this idea faster?

Genie: Well this the social media is one way of, you know, encouraging others. So me, I'm a manager, so although it's the way also influence it directs right and word-of-mouth. So you encourage other people regardless of what platform. My point is...

Reporter: Just go out and talk to people.

Genie: Yes yes it's you know all type of advertisement, propaganda you can do. But for me it should really start from each and everyone of us. And this is how you project, this is what will you inject another person. So it's really each one of us should have that kind of mindset.

Reporter: Yes, you several times already said, that it starts with each of us and can you tell us what each of us can do, in order for everyone to achieve the society we want to live in?

Genie: So walk the talk, right? So if someone is asking for help of course you lend help. Also the influence, that you have on your daily life, that let you encourage people, that you know... and not too judgmental. And if ever someone is mad diffuse it. But then again.... Yeah once it's said it's done then…. it's is not violence. You have to stop violence. That's one yes.

Reporter: By the way, we have such a project "No to violence in the family and society". We also go and ask people and their opinion. We think that it's important to raise awareness that violence in society is inappropriate.

Genie: That's true!

Reporter: Maybe you can share about this also?

Genie: I'm lucky that within my circle, meaning my family and at work, I'm not have really experienced such violence, okay? But what I'm seeing in the news it's something different so I've seen what is wrong with their…

Reporter: With the world.

Genie: Yeah! Actually with the world. Why we have to fight? What is wrong? So I know people would stand for their beliefs, okay? But you can always fix things without killing each other. Actually, I don't know with... We are the most intelligent species living here, but were the most dangerous as well.

Reporter: Maybe you would also like to answer, what unites us all on inner level? What we all, regardless of nationality, religion, what we have in common?

Genie: Love love and kindness. Me as.... I told you, this is my first time here, and I don't mind, you know, if it's white, if we're brown. All I know is that I'm happy, I'm here, I'm seeing people smiling, and then that's good. It's a good experience! And vice versa, if you visit our country, we want you, guys, also to be protected. I mean... it's, you know, regardless of what country you visit. Everybody should be accepted, respected and secured. If most of us is able to provide those little things that they need, let's say, equal you said, health, free health, they have work, right? And proper salaries, so they can feed the family and send their kids in school, then... I think they don't have to do those criminals tasks, right? So yeah, but then again, yeah, at the end of the day it's it's still love.