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Dr. Charles-Antoine Zaher from Geneva, Switzerland: “It's time to unite!”

Today on Live Broadcast, we have Dr. Charles-Antoine Zaher from Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Zaher is a highly experienced dentist who practices in Geneva, Switzerland.

Also Dr. Zaher is an example of a doctor with strong human values and we would like to talk about creative society.

In this video, Dr. Zaher shares his vision of a creative society. He states that his life experience led him to believe that life is very simple and we shouldn’t complicate things. And to truly experience life, we should stop rushing, stop running around in circles, value what we have and enjoy life. Competition, Dr. Zaher believes, is what ruins the relationship among people, and it should be stopped. It’s time to stop competing and to start uniting. And what unites us all is who we all are - human beings. Watch more about Dr. Zaher’s vision of creative society in this video.

Host: Dr. Zaher, what is creative society for you?

Dr. Zaher: I thought about it for a long time. Now at the age of 60, I understand that life must be very simple, that we have to go the easy way, not to make things complicated. We don't have to rush, to speed, try to push ourselves beyond the limits. Just have to be safe, to be simple and be happy with what we have. You can say that it's coming back to who we are.

Host: How do you envision relationships between people in a creative society?

Dr. Zaher: I believe that the big thing is the competition. Everybody wants to compete with each other. I believe that this competition must stop. Competition is good for dynamics, but at a certain time we must be a little bit more about going together, being the one world. Be happy with what we have and happy to exchange our knowledge.

You know it's like we say, “give before receiving, have a nice exchange between human beings. I believe if everybody thinks about that, we will be more united. We will be wiser to accept and appreciate each other.

Host: And what do you think unites all people despite their nationalities, religions and race? What unites us all?

Dr. Zaher: What unites us all together is that we are all human beings, we are all the same. We are, all of us, passing through this world. We are staying for a certain moment and we shall go away. And we shall pass what we have to others. We need to be more easygoing, to convey that to the next generation and be more united.

Host: How do you see medicine in a creative society? As a specialist you can give us a lot of nice examples I think.

Dr. Zaher: The medicine.. We are still, we must be very humble, we are still very very very small compared to the whole world, compared to the knowledge that this universe has. We are still discovering, we are still looking, we are still advancing slowly. So this that it takes time. I don't think so that medicine have reached even half potential. There is still a long way to do. And to do it in a nice way we need to be united all over the world, between all these generation and all these people that put all the knowledge together.

And how we say, to approach people from one to each other and not giving any categories. Being more united, to have a global approach.

Host: To put the human life in the center of the society..

Dr. Zaher: Yes.