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Discovering India with the help of the rule of 6 handshakes

Today on live broadcast “Six Degrees of Connection” we are traveling to India, state of Jharkhand and talk about Creative society and indian culture with our guests. 

Nilesh Sinha from Jharkhand shares with us that India has always believed in kindness and that is a cultural value we all have. “The entire humanity is my home, the entire world is my home. It's focused on the principles of ALLATRA society that the entire globe is like one big home and we all humans are part of the big family. It's amazing to be a part of civilization which believes in such high principles.”

How do our Indian guests see the Creative Society in which all people in the world would be happy?

We all need to understand that the Earth is our home. If we consider our planet as a home but we continue recklessly consuming the resources and live by principles of the materialistic society, we are losing our humanity. In 21 century it is not an area where people are getting more toward technology. We need to interact with each other. We need to use technology to bridge the gap and unite.

Thanks to our guests for the interesting conversation. The full version of the interview you can watch in the video.