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Deva Premal & Miten. Inner peace is the key

Deva Premal & Miten, world famous mantra and sacred song performers in Sanskrit combined with atmospheric oriental music describe us their vision of life and society we can live in. In interview for ALLATRA TV they shared spiritual and moral values that inspire and motivate them in life. They told us that performing mantras and songs and traveling around the world is a way to share love and get love and live in love.

Deva: Everyone on this planet wants love and we all have very different ways, but the root of our aspiration is love. We can call it differently. We can call it peace, we can call it joy. Basically it's a feeling of connection with ourselves and with the world. It's also a connection to a bigger force, to the great divine spirit. It's just that you feel like you are part of a whole. You're not an island. You're not isolated, you're not separate and that makes us happy.

Miten: Sometimes we all feel that isolation, and it's just a natural thing. So when we feel isolated and separated, the mantras is the key that unlocks that emotion into a more loving understanding that we're all one, you're not alone, we are all together and the mantras and the singing help us reach out to each other. 

Also Miten says that the most important thing is to be at peace with ourselves, because until we are at peace with ourselves how can we be at peace with the world? We can't find inner peace, that's why there are in the world  so many wars.

Answering the question as to what should prevail in each person, Deva says: “Becoming conscious and also realizing that we have a choice. For me, that was one of my big awakenings when I realized that I had a choice how I respond to a situation.Because there is an automatic response that comes very quickly, very naturally and that's not always the most loving and kind and conscious. But if I can take a tiny little moment to breathe or to become aware, to wake up — I see I have a choice. I don't have to react like I always did.”

Also, Miten shares that from his experience, all people are good and nice. Some, however, do have an inner conflict which results in wars, food shortage and pollution. This is the world WE have created, not somebody made for us. Gaining inner peace, Miten shares, is a way to solve this situation.   

Host: What is a creative society for you?

Deva: That's another beautiful vision of the world where everybody does what they are, what they love to do and what they're good at. And we all are so different, so everybody and everything would be covered, you know. Pretty much if everybody did what they loved to do. ... It's just how we do it, with how much joy we do it and how much moment-to-moment feeling, you know, like that we're really total in what we do and and that's creative, so for us to find what we basically love to do and find a way to share that.