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Video "The Sign." A historic event for mankind happening today

June 15, 2021

On March 18th, 2021, a new video "The Sign" with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov was broadcast online on ALLATRA TV. Tatiana, the host of the broadcast, raised an important topic, of concern to many people who are just getting acquainted with the ALLATRA International Public Movement. Today, there are representatives of the movement in every city of the world and what surprises an outsider the most is what it is that unites these people from all around the world, people of different professions and interests, atheists and believers of all religious denominations. What is ALLATRA? That is the question the show host asked Igor Mikhailovich.

“ALLATRA is not a ‘what’. ALLATRA, my friends, is a ‘who’. ALLATRA is all of us. ALLATRA is humanity,” Igor Mikhailovich explained. "ALLATRA is a new and unique phenomenon in general that has never existed in this world. This is indeed so. For some reason, they try to fit us into some kind of a pattern. After all, people's consciousness always tries to fit something new into some understandable framework. Right? So, they try to do the same to ALLATRA.

Some people try to fit ALLATRA into some political trend, alleging that ALLATRA engages in geopolitics. Others try to fit ALLATRA into some religious trend, into a sect. So they say: it's some kind of mixture of some strange religion; that it has a little bit of everything from everywhere, and it's as if something new, there are attempts to impose something on someone, and so on.

Again, all this is happening because people observe ALLATRA superficially, as you've already said, and judge partly based on ALLATRA TV, on our videos, on what I say, or on what other people say. So, after familiarizing themselves with it a little bit, you know, after conducting sort of an "analysis" as they say (well, the "analysis" is conducted, again, based on what they see and literally bit by bit from everywhere, without going into the essence of ALLATRA International Public Movement), therefore they make hasty and, I would say, wrong conclusions about what ALLATRA is.

But ALLATRA is not a “what”, ALLATRA is a “who”. ALLATRA is all of humanity. It is diverse just like our entire humanity," explained Igor Mikhailovich.

Tatiana also raised the questions that are of great interest to people who are not members of the ALLATRA Movement: What is the reason for its rapid growth and who is their leader? Where does the money for the Movement come from and who sponsors them? Do members of the Movement believe in aliens and why do they cover topics about magic?

Igor Mikhailovich openly revealed these and many other questions, helping everyone better understand the essence of the Movement and the reason why ALLATRA is spreading so rapidly around the world.

Igor Mikhailovich emphasized an important yet simple secret of humanness: “If you want to be happy — make other people happy, then you will also be happy. This is the only path to happiness. If you want to be loved, love others, begin to love, really love other people and help them, and you will be loved."

The following important topics were also touched on in the video:

  • Why did the prophets of all religions speak of a golden age and the dawn of humanity, while at the same time speaking of Armageddon, the end of time? The importance of the time of crossroads and of the human choice at this stage
  • Will a human rise up to God's Judgement in the body? Who are the "dead" and the "living"? Why does the gospel say that "the living do not come into judgment"? What does the true resurrection of a human mean, and how can it be achieved?
  • Why has the Truth brought by the prophets been usurped and remade over the centuries, what made it unwanted by the authorities? Who really grants earthly power?
  • Why has the Truth brought by the prophets been usurped and remade over the centuries, what made it unwanted by the authorities? Who really grants earthly power?
  • Signs of the end times: worldwide epidemics, natural disasters.
  • The Sign, of which the Prophet Muhammad spoke: "when the Qur'an and all religions are purified" is a key event for humanity happening now. 
  • What does "everyone is chosen" mean? Why is man a host of "hell and the gates of heaven"? What does "the dead shall rise in living bodies" mean?
  • About the afterlife and the state of subpersonality. What does the subpersonality experience and what is the essence of such an existence? What is the annihilation of subpersonality?
  • The awakening of sub-personalities in living people. What causes the upsurge of mental disorders and sleep disorders in modern people?
  • Why have many religions stood in the way of the development of science? Why did Islam, in contrast, help scientists?
  • The building of the Creative Society that all the prophets spoke of is in the hands of the people themselves.

The signs are coming, and what will happen is what will be. But I’ll say the following: those who are in God’s Love are not afraid, those who are with God in their souls are not afraid. While those who are without God are afraid because dead ones will cling to them. This is true. When the dead turn potentially Alive ones into dead, the world slides into the abyss.

However, we can change a lot, friends. And in this is really our "chosenness," the chosenness of today, of these times — we can if we want to. And do you know what is interesting? We can do it if we find a common language with each other if we begin to understand each other,” Igor Mikhailovich said.

See the answers to the above questions and much more valuable information in the video "The Sign".

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Comments (1)

  • Donna Graves
    20.11.2021   |   03:33
    Absolutely love this video, watched it many times already.