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TEDx Talks. Global Consolidation to Overcome the Global Crisis

June 3, 2022

"Let me ask you: Do you want to live in a world where human life is of the highest value? To live in a world where all the decisions are made to benefit all of us, where technological and scientific advances aim to improve the quality of life, a world where everyone is driving."

Olga Schmidt, a participant of the Creative Society project.

At the TEDx Talks platform, Olga Schmidt, a participant of the Creative Society project, addressed people on the need for global consolidation to overcome the global crisis and the key challenges of our time. "I have been observing a slew of large organizations. They were attempting to bring equality and peace, combat climate change, plant trees, eradicate poverty and prohibit human trafficking. However, the climatic, environmental, and social crises are getting worse day by day. And no one seems to be able to solve these issues alone.”

Global problems require global solutions

In her report, Olga cites United Nations statistics for the year 2020, according to which 3.7 billion people are without food or unable to eat a healthy, balanced diet on a regular basis. According to John Hopkins official data from December 6th, 2021, 5.2 million people died from the Covid-19 virus worldwide. Shocking statistics about human slavery were also given: between 2008 and 2019 the number of human trafficking victims identified worldwide more than tripled.

Along with many other challenges, Olga emphasized the global environmental and climate crises. The climate is changing rapidly and disasters around the world are increasing and taking more and more lives. No country at the moment is safe from natural disasters, regardless of its wealth and technological development. 

In her message, she emphasizes: "These examples showed me that global problems require a global solution and that only together as the whole world community can we overcome them.”

Three simple steps

A participant of the Creative Society project Olga Schmidt, in her talk for TEDx Talks, shared three simple steps which will help us take an evolutionary leap into a better future:"Number one — must take personal responsibility and stop assuming someone else will do our job or make a decision for us. Number two — inform everyone that change is indeed possible, but it's only possible when we're all together. See, our Generation is much more technologically advanced and by using social media platforms we can share information about the new format of society that puts human life first a lot faster.

And finally - we must unite all of our human potential in one idea — building a thriving non-violent and Creative Society for all. That's the only way that I believe we can make a difference, and we can build a peaceful society. After all, we have one common place of living — the Earth. One nationality — humankind and one shared value — life. So, I leave you with this question: As the world is falling apart, are you going to be the glue that holds it together for the benefit of every single life? Thank you." 

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Comments (3)

  • Pete H
    26.01.2023   |   04:42
    I’m ready to do all I can in order for this to happen this is beautiful and I can truly feel it in my heart and soul. This is meant to be
  • Gp Capt BK Chowdhury
    10.08.2022   |   14:05
    There is a need to shun our comfort zone and join hands in amassing a mass opinion against the gross devaluation of human lives and environment in totality world over.
  • Dmitry
    05.06.2022   |   10:09
    This is great! Where can I watch the video?