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Screening of the film "Choice" of the project "THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN" in the open air

Kharkiv, Ukraine
July 25, 2019

On July 25, 2019, "The Choice", the first film of the large-scale social research international project "THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN" was shown in Kharkiv for the first time. 

The film could be viewed on the big screen in the open air on the territory of the Kharkiv national academic Opera and ballet theatre named After N. V. Lysenko KHNATOB. Kharkiv residents and guests of the city were able to see the most vivid realizations and personal discoveries of people from around the world on the topic of human choice, its dominant life-changing role in everyone's life. 

We learned the answers to the questions of concern to all people: 

  • What is the meaning of human life? 
  • What is the basis of all religions and the Scriptures of the world? 
  • What unites all people of the planet?
  • What is the main CHOICE of a person in world society today? 

The show was held in a warm atmosphere of unity.

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