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ALLATRA TV at the presentation of the book by Snezhana Egorova

Kiev, Ukraine
November 27, 2019

On November 27, 2019, the ALLATRA TV team visited the presentation of the book by Snezhana Egorova "SHE. Why Swiss watches always show the exact time". An easy and casual conversation on the topic: "Who is SHE? Real woman" took place in tenderness and femininity atmosphere in the cozy restaurant "Veranda on the Dnieper".

This evening there were many congratulations and wishes from many friends, including Olga Sumskaya, Yuri Godo, Vlad Darvin, singer Barabanova and many others. Also Snezana was congratulated by the famous writer Anna Boginskaya, author of the bestseller "To Live a Life". In a sincere interview Snezana answered interesting and important questions:

— Who's your book for?

— For women, it's about a woman. Women have changed a lot in the last 5 years! I communicate with a lot of women around the world and my book is for them!

— What unites all women?

— We have a lot in common! What unites all women is the ability to give life! Life is the main value!

— What is the most important thing for you in life?

— Learn to work with your mind, turn off the negative and leave only the positive. Life is a beautiful thing! And it's great to live!

— What would you like to wish the readers and viewers of ALLATRA TV?

— I wish you to be confident on your way, that more and more like-minded people join you and to achieve all your goals! Know that I am your adherent.

Very happy to attend events organized by people with an active lifestyle, because it is so important to raise the topics of spiritual and moral values in society, respect each other, value of life.

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