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Our world is on the brink of serious crises

October 3, 2021

“...if we can tune in on creation of peace and become a Creative society, then we can be a healthy impulse and motivation for the evolution of life”.

This important thought about changing our worldview, our paradigm, was articulated by the world-renowned scientist., Professor Ervin Laszlo, PhD, at the international online conference “The Global Crisis. This already affects everyone”.

Ervin Laszlo is also an integral theorist, writer, pianist, the founder and director of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research. 

In 2004 and 2005 Professor Ervin Laszlo was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize , and in 2017 he won the Luxembourg Peace Prize.

He is also awarded the Japan Peace Prize and has been recognized as an honorary doctor of several universities in America, Canada, Finland, Korea and Japan.

Today, Professor Laszlo sees the main problem as the fact that our world is on the brink of serious crises for which humanity is totally unprepared. To date, our civilization has failed to create a sustainable system that serves the human community. Everything that exists today is subordinate to the interests of private corporations and groups.

Mr. Laszlo figuratively compares humanity to rowers in a boat that has leaked. So far, no one is in any hurry to repair the leak. On the contrary, our actions are only making the situation worse. By being selfish, we are upsetting the balance of the system. As part of the evolution of life, we separate ourselves from it and act towards the Earth like a cancerous tumor. And as you know, a tumor grows, kills the organism and dies with it. So if we are not happy with this final, then it is time for all of humanity to change something and make a conscious choice.

Professor Ervin Laszlo sees our task as “...to change the direction in a timely and positive way. Because if we don't move upward, we will be pushed and directed downward. ...to a growing crisis and, eventually, to anarchy and chaos. This is a bad scenario. There's a good scenario and a bad scenario”.

In order to realize a good scenario, it is necessary to change the way we act. Many people are awakening right now. They are ready to absorb new information and become the conscious acting force of this upward movement.

Professor Ervin Laszlo noted that holding of the conference “The Global Crisis. It already affects everyone” was a good sign. It is an important stage of spreading awareness. After all, in order to change the direction and begin to move toward the Creative Society, we must know how to do so.

“Programmes and conferences like this one are a key aspect of awakening. Because they help spread the information. Now, when you are sensibly reflecting and showing the way, people will understand and follow you. Everyone will want to participate. No doubt, if it were up to a critical mass of people, society would change”.

It is now up to everyone's choice depends the choice of the whole society. We can change our worldview, tune in on creation of peace, become the Creative society and provide the beautiful future for ourselves and our descendants.

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