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Natacha Diaz Aguilera: “Life On the Planet Is In Great Danger”

October 16, 2021

ALLATRA TV Spain published the full version of the interview with Natacha Diaz Aguilera in the frames of the preparation for the International Online Conference “Global Crisis. It already affects everyone”. Natacha is Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Cuba to Ukraine and Moldova. The amazing documentary film “Cuba. The Creative Essence of the Cuban Soul” was produced with her help and participation. It revealed the rich culture of Cuba and its people.

At the conference, in her address to humanity, Senora Natacha Diaz Aguilera outlined the challenges our civilization is facing today and noted that most of all ordinary people suffer in the current situation: “Unfortunately, in recent years there have been more crises than good news... With the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, all the crises in the world have intensified, not just the health crisis. The world has exposed its most vulnerable points. Hunger has expanded, needs have risen, shortages and deficits have increased in countries and the health emergency has shown that on the whole we are not prepared to confront them”.

Climate change is already our reality

Natacha also raised the issues of climate and ecology, and spoke in more detail about the problems the Cubans had already faced in that area. She noted that the abnormal increase in the Earth's average temperature is already destroying 30% of coastal wetlands, endangering entire ecosystems. Active deforestation leaves even fewer chances to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Natacha notes that for island countries, climate change is no longer something abstract, but the reality they face on a daily basis. Taking Cuba as an example, the climate is becoming warmer and more extreme, which negatively affects food production and could lead to a food crisis in the future.

Since 1991 the Cuban Academy of Sciences, has devoted itself to an in-depth study of climate change. During this period, there has been great variability in rainfall patterns, increasing frequency and scale of droughts, and an accelerated rise in sea levels. The residents are very often affected by coastal flooding caused by tides and waves, as well as hurricanes, cold fronts and other extreme weather events, which pose a great danger to the country's natural and historical heritage, as well as to people. 

Cuba’s plan Tarea VIDA to fight climate change

Cuba has taken on the task of confronting the challenge that nature poses, threatening the way of life of its inhabitants and the development of countries in general. Due to it, in 2017 the national plan to counteract climate change, known as Tarea Vida, was created. This plan includes measures to minimize human impact on the natural environment by using soil more efficiently.

The main strategic actions are:

  • Prevent the construction of new housing in threatened coastal settlements
  • Adapt agricultural and livestock operations to changes in land use resulting from sea level rise and droughts 
  • Reduce the cultivated area near the affected coasts due to the high salinity of these lands
  • Breed and develop varieties that are resistant to the new temperature scenario
  • Plan redevelopment processes for urban settlements and threatened infrastructures in accordance with the economic conditions of the country

Натача Диаз Агилера, интервью для АЛЛАТРА ТВ

“Each of us must be a bearer of information about saving the planet”

Such projects are indeed very important for people to be able to withstand global climate change. Still, Natacha Diaz Aguilera believes that no country can solve the problems we are facing, alone and develop effectively separated from the rest of the world: “If it is not done jointly, if it is not done everywhere, life on the planet is in great danger”.

That is why the entire society, including the sphere of science, needs to be globally united: to call everyone to action, unite the scientific community, find the right solutions and new technologies, stop the self-destruction that we have launched by our irrational consumption. These are the challenges of the Creative Society Project, which is already being implemented by millions of people around the world. Today every person can become its active participant, spreading vital information, informing others about the international project “The Creative Society”, the implementation of which will ensure the decent life for all people.

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