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Luc Besson at the Tashkent Film Festival

Tashkent, Uzbekistan
March 4, 2022

A unique creative event, the Tashkent International Film Festival, took place in the capital of Uzbekistan. This event brought together many celebrities, famous experts, talented actors and directors. The popular French film director, screenwriter and producer Luc Besson also talked to the participants and visitors of the festival.

During the meeting, the reporter of the Creative Society project asked Luc Besson what, in his opinion, unites all people on the planet, what can help humanity become a united civilization. In response, Luc Besson noted that modern times are wonderful.

The director explained in detail why he thinks so. According to him, distances have decreased now. For example, during his formation as a professional, it was very problematic to make “a short film”.

“I could not show my movie to anyone, except my parents and friends. Today, the youth, every young person, has a phone, or at least a friend who has a phone. And you can make your own film, put sound, music on it, it’s all very simple. And after you press one button, it immediately goes to the Internet,” he noted.

Thus, according to Besson, right now any young person, even a 15-year-old boy, can make his own film and send it to the world.

“If he makes something bad, then no one will watch it. But if it is something worthy, it will be seen everywhere: in France, in the USA. And this seems incredible to me. They are very lucky,” added the director.

He also said that he had tried to send his first “short film” to festivals. But for this it was necessary to be pre-selected. And your film would be seen only at this festival and that’s it.

“That’s why, today is a wonderful time,” Besson resumed.

Giving advice to young directors, Luc Besson said: “The best advice I can give is to be honest with yourself. Do what comes from your heart, from your soul. That’s when people will like your work.”

Creative people are very sensitive to the essence of the times. This is a key time for all of us, a time when we are given the opportunity to make a choice: either we change the vector of our development towards the good, happiness, love, or continue to live, constantly consuming, indulging endless desires, living in envy, anger and disappointment. Now is the chance to build the kind of world each of us would like to live in.

The main choice will have to be made by every person on Earth. So Luc Besson urged us to act from the heart, realizing what tremendous opportunities are available to us today.

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Comments (2)

  • رقية مجدوبي
    21.03.2022   |   19:47
    Beautiful tougths ,and adivices for youth
  • Viak
    05.03.2022   |   12:56
    thanks for this interview with Luc Besson)) today is amazing times