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Leslie Magnum: We will jointly protect what is precious to our hearts

March 14, 2022

Лесли Магнум на конференции «Глобальный кризис. Время правды»

The world is on the verge. The facts and evidence voiced at the conference have convinced us of that once again.

We appreciate everyone who’s been with us today. Participants of the conference have raised the topical issues of the consumerist format of society, which are aggravating against the background of climate and environmental crises. The data voiced on the monitoring of our climate change and the ecosphere state of our planet are striking. Humanity is really in danger. Only an ignorant one can deny it, not being aware of how high the price of inaction and lost time is.

As of today, numerous disputes are going on in the world regarding the cause of climate change and who is to blame. However, these disputes only result in discord, division and shifting of responsibility onto one another. Searching for guilty ones will not change the situation and will not save humanity. While we are wasting time in vain, the cataclysms are increasing. The planet is dying because of our inaction, and consequently, the chance for humanity’s salvation is diminishing day after day. We as humankind are approaching the critical point after which we no longer will be able to change anything. If we do not act now, we deprive the entire humanity of the future, I emphasize — the entire humanity: we will destroy ourselves, our near and dear people, and our whole civilization through our indifference, lack of understanding and our unwillingness, meaning, through our inaction.

The planet’s ecosystem is rapidly collapsing due to the anthropogenic factor: contamination of the world ocean, deforestation, the disastrous problem of waste, and many more. However, the main problem is even more serious. Society with a consumerist worldview treats the environment merely as an endless resource, thoughtlessly using it beyond measure for the sake of someone’s personal profit. Verily, selfishness and greed have overshadowed our minds. Our momentary striving for enrichment has become more important for us than our own future and the future of our loved ones. The worst thing about the consumerist slavish ideology is that we, people, are merely a resource in somebody else’s hands for increasing their own selfish goals. 

As a result, our inhumanness begets global crises not only in the environment, economy and other fields of human activity. The main crisis is the moral one. It has exceeded all limits. In our allegedly civilized world, there is plenty of violence, slavery, and exploitation of children’s labour. While on the background of the climate change progression, a new problem has arisen: the increasing number of refugees who need human support and understanding. People, driven by the intolerable conditions of existence, come to someone else’s country with a hope for humaneness, but encounter enmity, rejection, fear, and often even hatred. Will such humanity with a consumerist attitude to one another be able to survive in the time of global cataclysms? The answer is obvious.

Many people still hope that in case of cataclysms their government or specialized organizations will save them. However, participants of the conference have voiced real life examples which indicate that these organizations have proved to be incapable of protecting survivors from cataclysms and providing them with necessary aid even in the present-day relatively stable period. But what will be tomorrow? The answer is just as obvious.       

Yet, we have also seen examples of people’s mutual assistance and care for each other in the regions where the trouble happened. These examples demonstrate to us that we, people, as society, can come to each other’s rescue by uniting and assuming the responsibility, and not relying on someone else. This is exactly the main point and the quintessence of our appeal to the world. The more of us there are, the more we are capable of and the more chances we have to survive. The power of humanity’s potential is tremendous, while the power of the united humanity is uncountable. This is precisely the essence of building the Creative Society. As of today, Creative Society is the only idea that can unite absolutely all people, the entire humanity, and to direct the enormous all-human potential to creation of a united civilization and survival of the entire humanity population in this disastrously hard time, which we as humanity have entered for the first time in our history.    

We shall overcome any challenges and dangers only together, as the entire humanity. We will jointly protect what is precious to our hearts. We will jointly revive this world, restore our planet, and rebuild our common Home. 

On March 20, 2021, a landmark event took place, the worldwide conference "Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed Of." There, we, people from all over the world, brought together representatives of different religions and concluded that all scriptures talk about the Creative Society. 

That is the True Face of all religions. It doesn't matter what religion you belong to or if you are an atheist. The Creative Society is for everyone.

The apostolic blessing of the Head of the Holy See and the entire Catholic Church Pope Francis is with us, his prayers are with us! Today, the whole world must unite in building the Creative Society where humanity’s potential plays a key role, and where every person’s life is of the highest value. Today, building the Creative Society must become the number-one task for every sensible person on this planet.

I would like to express gratitude to every participant of the Creative Society project. You are the ones who are driven by pure conscience, superior moral qualities, the highest manifestation of altruism and love of fellow human beings, and who act by the call of their hearts. Every participant of the Creative Society project is an inspiring example of unshakeable faith in humanity’s ability not only to save our home, but to build a new wonderful world for each citizen of our united society. I’m proud of being here with you today. I’m proud of being a participant of the Creative Society project. And it’s a great honour for me to stand shoulder to shoulder with you. 

My dear friends, despite the collaborationism of the consumer format, we must win. We have nowhere to retreat. We have one planet. We must all unite and win. And victory will be ours. May God bless us all.

Leslie Magnum, excerpt from the “Global crisis. Time for the truth” conference

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